10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


7. Day 7

Keashawna let everyone sleep in her house, but she couldn’t sleep. So she got up and when in the bathroom.

    “I am getting goose bumps… I wonder why it’s so cold…” said Keashawna to herself.

    “I told you I would come back.  Don’t scream and this can be less painful…”

    “Um…” said Keashawna. Then John woke up suddenly and went to wake up Roulou.

    “Dude! Wake up!” yelled John.

    “What…” said Roulou.

    “Bruh! Where is Keashawna!”exclaimed John. Then Roulou woke up fast.

    “This better not be a prank…” said Roulou.

“It’s not!” exclaimed John. Meanwhile, Keashawna shook in fear. The demon transformed to look like Blaze and got closer to Keashawna.

“Blaze? What do you want?” said Keashawna not knowing it was the demon.

“Well, I think… I fell for you…” The demon said.

“What,” said Keashawna. “You are dating Serena…”

“She is dead… she won’t care…” the demon said. Then he inched closer to Keashawna.

“Blaze… what has gotten into…” said Keshawna. But before she could finish the demon kissed her as Blaze.

“Hey!” said Keashawna when she broke free. Then he pulls a knife out and tries to stab Keashawna… then Roulou opens the bathroom door to fine “Blaze” kissing Keashawna again. The demon looked up and ran into Blaze’s room and made it look like he just got in bed. Then he disappeared.

“Um,” said John. “Was that Blaze?” Roulou ran after Blaze and picked him up by his shirt.

“This time you went too far!!” yelled Roulou at Blaze.

“Wtf are you talking about?” Blaze said.

“Don’t play dumb!” said Roulou.

“What!?” yelled Blaze back. Roulou was infuriated, by the look of his face he was getting ready to kill Blaze.

“I got a picture!” said John. Roulou looked at John… John pulls out his phone and shows him the picture he had taken of Keashawna and Blaze kissing.

“SEE! YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE!?” yelled Roulou.

“I was here the whole time!” said Blaze. Keashawna look around and saw Serena shaking her head and flew away. She seemed to be crying.

“Guys… not to be a pain but… Serena is not here no more…” said Keashawna.

“That’s a good thing! She deserves someone better than this player!” said Roulou.

“I-I…” said Blaze choking on his own words.

“Yeah… that’s right. Feel the pain of regret! SHE DID RIGHT IN DYING SO SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO SEE THIS… THIS… PLAYBOY!” yelled Roulou. Everyone got quiet right when he said that… Blaze was tearing up and punched Roulou in the face. Then ran outside the house.

“Great! We lost a member!” yelled John.

“Psssh, as if. He deserved everything I said.” said Roulou

“Guys… that was not Blaze,” said Emily. “Right Riley?”

“Yes. It was the demon in the form of Blaze’s body.” said Riley.

“Oh… no…” said Roulou.

“Oh no is right!” said Serena.

“I thought you were crying?” said Keashawna.

“Crying of laughter! You should have seen the look on your face when the demon kissed you! Right Emi and Riley?” said Serena.

“It was hilarious!” exclaimed Emily.

“Oh and one more thing…” said Serena as she flew over to Roulou and punched him upside his head. “That’s for being happy I died and this,” Then she slapped him. “This is for making Blaze sad.” said Serena.

“Ouch…” said Roulou.

“Roulou… I would go apologize to Blaze, you blamed him for something he didn’t do…” said Riley.

“I guess you're right… but you are all coming with me.” said Roulou.

“Ugh… fine.” complained Emily.

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