10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


6. Day 6

“Are you sure we will beat him?” asked Blaze.

“I am positive, and plus… Serena, Emily, and Riley will be there to back us up.” said Keashawna.

“Yeah we will because you’re awesome…” said Roulou. Then Roulou kissed Keashawna. Blaze looked away… it made him feel bad about not being there for Serena.

“Get a room!” said John.

“Yeah!” said Brandon. Keashawna blushed and just continued talking.

“Ok, so with our abilities we should be fine.” said Keashawna.

“If you say so…” said Blaze.

“Keashawna… I need to talk to you…” said Roulou.

“Why am I thinking wrong during this?” said Blaze. Roulou looked at Blaze with intense eyes.

“You might have gone that far, and maybe you were fast… But I would never do that… without Keashawna’s permission!” said Roulou.

“Hey, Serena and I enjoyed it… by the way.” said Blaze.

“Guys… cut it out! And… what did you say Blaze?” said Keashawna.

“I said… Serena and I enjoyed every second… until you came and made it awkward,” said Blaze. “And you would know how it felt if you just tried it. If you didn’t have such a shy boyfriend.”

“He is not shy…” said Keashawna.

“I AM NOT SHY!” said Roulou.

“I bet if I dared you, you wouldn’t do it!” said Blaze.

“We have other things to worry about guys!” John exclaimed. Everyone stopped talking and got back to work. Even Blaze got quiet… and he usually doesn’t.

“We need to come up with a plan.” Keashawna said.

“Well, have you thought how are we to get home?” asked Blaze.

“Huh? What do you mean?” said Keashawna.

“I mean, that what happens when we rescue them. That’s if we even win the fight… how are we going to get home??” said Blaze.

“You can get home with me. Remember I have teleportation powers?” said John.

“That’s nice John, but now is not the time. We are discussing how we are going to get home!” said Keashawna.

“He can teleport, GENIUS!” said Blaze.

“Oh,” said Keashawna. “Let’s hope we can defeat him…”

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