10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


4. Day 4

Keashawna was getting ready for school, and she felt bad for having to tell Blaze.  Serena was dead, but she was also going to tell him there was a way to bring her back.  Just like with Riley and Emily.

“What’s up Keashawna? Where is Serena?” asked Blaze.

“Um… how do I break this to you…” said Keashawna. Then she got 3 chills up her spine.

“It’s us…”

“It’s who?” asked Keashawna. Pisces had the power to see spirits, and speak to them.

Riley, Emily, and Serena.” they said together.

“Wait… what?” said Keashawna.

“Um… Keashawna are you ok? asked Blaze, and then he was hugged by Serena’s spirit.

“Whoa. What was that?” Blaze asked himself.

“It was Serena…” said Keashawna.

“WHAT,” said Blaze, “HOW!?”

“Um… about that,” said Keashawna. “She died right after you left…” Keashawna saw that Blaze was tearing up and he had that facial expression that “he shouldn't have left.”

“No… don’t cry, she can be brought back to life.” Keashawna said, trying to reassure Blaze, but it was too late… he was crying. Keashawna was surprised, she considered men who cried real men…

“Blaze… she can be brought back… but now she is right next to you.” said Keashawna. Blaze was still being hugged by Serena, but she was crying. Keashawna saw how much Serena missed Blaze because then Blaze just cried along as well.

“Blaze… the only way to bring them back is if I die or we fight back…” Keashawna explained.

“Where. Were. You. When. This. Happen.” asked Blaze angrily. Blaze looked mad and he stared at Keashawna.

“Blaze, calm down… we can bring her back.” said Keashawna.

“OH YEAH WE CAN,” yelled Blaze. “BY MAKING YOU DIE OR FIGHTING A DEMON?!”  The hallways got quiet and Blaze stormed off to his next class, Serena was following him. Keashawna was startled that Blaze yelled at her. He never yells, then Keashawna walked off to her class.

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