10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


3. Day 3

It was morning soon after. Still Keashawna wasn’t home. When Serena woke up… she was startled, and surprised when she was alone in her room. She looked around the house to find Blaze sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Oh… for a second I thought you left.” said Serena.

“I would never leave you…” said Blaze. Serena blushed and sat next to him. As they sat on the couch… Blaze moved his arm around Serena, and then Serena looked at Blaze. Then they stared at each other for a minute… then Blaze turned on some “Romantic Tunes”, and Serena was blushing bright red/pink.  Then Blaze started to move in close to Serena. As this happened Serena looked down and Blaze took his hand, and brought her chin back up. Then Blaze went in for the kiss, and Serena got the message and did the same thing. Then it turned into a make-out type thing (IDK). Then Blaze stopped for a minute and said…

“ Is this too much for you?”said Blaze.

“No… I… Like… It…” mumbled Serena. Then Blaze moved closer and kissed her neck. Serena hugged him as he kissed her neck. Blaze picked her up by her thighs and walked up stairs. While kissing her passionately. Serena just moaned, really quietly. Then Blaze tossed her on the bed and got ontop of her kissing her neck again.

“Serena…” Blaze whispered. “You sure about this?”

“I am…” Serena responded. Then she pulled him close to start kissing him again. He slowly took off her shirt, and as she unbuttoned his.  After that they kissed some more, until they thought it was ready to do the rest. Slowly, Blaze unzipped Serena’s jeans and she unzipped his.

“Serena… I need to ask you one more time… do you want me?” asked Blaze.

“Yes… more than anything in the world. Please… make me feel pleasure.” pleaded Serena. Blaze gave her that, he gave her the pleasure she wanted. Meanwhile, Keashawna was parking in the parking lot. She opened the front door, it seemed that Blaze and Serena were enjoying themselves because they didn’t hear the front door close. Keashawna slowly crept up stairs, hearing in the distance. She opened the door, just a little and saw the impossible. She grinned and walked away, she just sat down on the couch and just sat there… just kidding she was watching Youtube.

“I am going to laugh when they find out I was here the whole time…” said Keashawna while laughing. But unfortunately this would not end well… They soonly stopped and got dressed. Blaze, had a big smile on his face and so did Serena. As they made their way downstairs, they were startled when they found Keashawna sitting on the couch.

“So… how did it go?” asked Keashawna. Serena blushed really red and so did Blaze.

“Yeah, I figured.” said Keashawna.

“Um…” said Serena. They were speechless, Blaze just walked toward the door and winked at Serena. Serena blushed bright red as he left.

“Well, you going to explain?” asked Keashawna.

“Um…” said Serena, but she struggled to say anything.

“Now… I don’t have to know, just… how did it feel?” asked Keashawna. Serena just ran upstairs without saying anything, she was embarrassed. Keashawna shrugged and sat her butt on the couch again. Serena just laid in her bed, when suddenly… Serena felt weird, not the kind of weird when you do it. The kind of weird when there is something there.

“KEASHAWNA!” screamed Serena, but it was too late. Like the demon had done to Riley and Emily she was locked in her bedroom. Then she started to hallucinate, she was looking straight at Blaze for a whole minute… then she was pushed to the ground. She thought it was just Blaze messing with her, but it was not.

“SERENA! OPEN UP!” screamed Keashawna through the door. But instead of hearing Keashawna. All she heard was Blaze’s sweet voice. She got up and walked toward him. Blaze pulled out a blood stained dagger, dripping crimson blood. Wielding the weapon in his left hand, he cut a small slit through Serena's throat. Pouring out blood, Serena gasped for air. Serena collapsed on the floor. Realizing what he had done, Blaze picked up Serena. Holding her up she was still taking small breaths, trying to get oxygen through her body. Crying softly, the put his hand where he cut her. Taking her last breath, her eyes fluttered shut. Her body went cold and limp. He kissed the top of her head before laying her down. He killed her.

All of a sudden the door opened with a loud creek. Nobody was on the other side. Shakily, Keashawna walked into the room. Blaze was laying on the floor next to Serena. He was covered in blood, whispering softly to Serena's dead body. Looking at Serena's old mirror, she read something. Just like when Emily read from the book, there was bloody words all over the mirror. In their drippy ways, Keashawna whisper read what was on the mirror.

"I took away everything you had. You friends, even your sanity, and this is the way to bring them back, but at a HIGH COST! Your life, and they will be revived, or defeat me in a battle. You can have them back. If you fail you are mine forever!" The mirror turned a murky black right before the letters disappears. Looking back at Serena, Blaze was gone. Serena's body was soaked in blood. Blinking, a ghostly figure of Blaze appeared to be holding her up. Blood and tears stained his face. Looking at the ghostly figure more closely, he had a evil smile pasted on his sunburned face.

"Just like what it looked like when he was holding her a minute ago!" Keshawana whispered to herself. Putting her hands to her temples, she closed her eyes.

"No... no no no! That means-" stopped Keashawna

"Your next, Pisces." said a familiar voice. Opening her eyes, Blaze's almost see through face was 2 inches from hers. Blood dripping from his mouth and blood all over his dark, matted hair, he opened up his mouth to a ghostly smile. Razor sharp teeth poked out at Keashawna. A high pitched scream, sounding like Serena when she was in trouble, came from behind her. Glancing back for a split second, Blaze was standing there, holding the knife. He disappeared in a flash.

"I can go the easy way or go the hard way...” said Keashawna, quietly sobbing. She leaned against a wall, her body slowly sliding down. “But… it’s so hard! We will fight, but first how am I to break this to the boys. How are they going to react when I say it was Blaze's ghost..."

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