10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


2. Day 2

“Wow, really Kiwi?” said Serena.

“Yes really!” said Keashawna. Then they notice Emily was gone, she had gone inside the house to mourn Riley’s death. Serena offered to stay at the house with Emily so she could comfort her, so while Keashawna was out on her date.  

“Emi, calm down. You don’t wanna attract any more demons or whatever…” explained Serena.

“I… wanna be alone…” said Emily.

“If I leave you alone, promise me to take a shower… and please… fight back if you see anything bad. Remember… your a Leo.” said Serena. Leos had the ability to sense danger/demons, so they knew if something was coming. Emily got in the shower and just cried… She couldn’t believe that

Riley was gone. Feeling a presence in the room, she rushed out of the shower. Putting her clothes on, she ran to the door. With a loud SLAM the door shut. Creek. Emily heard foot steps. Trying to twist the doorknob, the door locked itself.


"Serena!" Emily screamed, crystal tears running down her face. Still trying to pull the door, the felt someone behind her. Creek. Footsteps behind her.

Rushing up the stairs as fast as she could, Serena heard Emily's cry for help. Running swiftly to the bathroom door, Serena tried to kick it down. It would not budge.


"Emi! Remember what I told you! You can fight back! You can do this!" tears were starting to stream down Serena's face when she said this. Knowing it was Emily's end, she just watched the door in shock.


Turning around, Emily saw it. A ghostly form of Riley appeared behind her. Blood was all over her blonde hair. Blood dripping from her mouth, she pointed her right index finger at Emily, Emily slammed against the wall, hitting her head. Blood started pouring from her head and she became dizzy.

"I can do this..." she kept whispering over and over to herself.

Running to the bathroom cabinet, she grabbed a comb. The chucked it at the ghost as hard as she could. The purple points of the comb looked like they would hit the spirit strait into the face. All of a sudden the comb stopped in mid air, turned around, and went straight for her. Screaming on the top of her lungs, the comb caught on fire. Ducking right when the comb was in front of her, the comb went into the wall. All of a sudden the comb landed on her back, burning through her black shirt. Screaming in pain, the comb started burning through her skin. The spirit came towards Emily, not even moving it's feet.

"Emily!" screamed Serena. Kicking the door as hard as she could, it did not budge. "Emi, do this for Riley!"

"I can't." Emily screamed, tears pouring down her face.

"Why?" Serena asked.

"Because, this is Riley."

Rushing to the window of the bathroom, Emily looked at the ghost of Riley. "You will not win this time!" she screamed.

"Lets see about that, Leo!" The spirit said in a demonic voice. In that instant, a silver bladed, black handled knife appeared in the spirit's hand. On the handle of the knife, there were engravings, of them. One of them was smeared in blood.


The spirit lunged towards Emily, the knife in it's left hand. Trying to run past the spirit, she felt something grab her and throw her against the wall, again. Putting her hands in front of her face, the spirit jabbed the knife into her chest. Collapsing onto the floor, the spirit turned into Serena. Flickering like an old light bulb, it disappeared.

Putting her hand to her heart, her hand became soaked with blood. Trying to scream for Serena, she felt something stuck in her throat. All of a sudden, the spirit came back, this time as Blaze. Blacking out, Emily reached her hand towards the ghost. The ghost reached its hand towards Emily and she felt a weird sensation through her body.

He was taking her form.

Grabbing the silver bladed knife again, there was another section crossed out. It was of Emily. Chucking the knife at Emily's head, she did not have enough power to move away. Going into Emily's head, Emily started to black out. Her eyes fluttering shut, the spirit slowly faded away. Emily lied limp on the floor. Her body started to turn as cold as ice.

The door of the bathroom slowly started to open. Cautiously, Serena entered the room.

"No..." Serena said, noticing Emily's limp body laying in the corner of the bathroom, "No..." Rushing over to Emily's body, she noticed when the blade went. Strait for the kill.


Looking over at the bathroom mirror, Serena saw something. Next to the toilet, on the opposite side of the bathroom as Emily's body was at, there was a dark haired girl. Facing towards the wall, her hair was matted and stained with blood. Slowly turning her head in Serena's direction, she had dark, bloodshot eyes. She tilted her head to the side. Looking by the toilet, not through the huge wall mirror, there was nothing there. Looking in the mirror again, she was gone.

"Your next, Libra." said a demonic voice from behind Serena. Looking backwards, there was the little girl. Face covered in blood and eyes gleaming, she opened her mouth. Rows and rows of shark like teeth were in her mouth. Blood started pouring out of her mouth. She extended her hand to a spot on Serena's neck. Serena blinked and she was gone.

Running out of the bathroom and grabbing the phone, Serena called Keashawna. "1-293-422-4912," she whispered to herself while the old corded house phone was ringing.

Static. Great.

"Hello? Keashawna. Come home now!" she screamed through the phone.

"I am outside. Just hold your horses!" Keashawna said.







Serena felt a hand on her back.  Quickly turning around, she realized it was just Keashawna.  

“Keashawna… look in the bathroom!” Serena said, almost in tears.  As they walked into the bloody bathroom, Emily’s body was cut into many small pieces.  Her fingers were detached from her arms, her head was detached from the rest of her body.  It was a mess.  All of her body parts were thrown into the left side of the bathroom now.

    “Oh Lordy Jesus…” said Keashawna. Serena was silent, she said no words what so ever.

    “Taurtis… remember that? Anyway, this time I will make sure I don’t leave your side… ok Taurtis?” said Keashawna. Serena smiled a bit and said, “Thx… Sam…” Who knew that would happen on the second day… what would happen on the third… so Keashawna called the popo and they said they found her dead because if they didn’t, the popo would suspect that Serena killed her. The FBI came a few minutes later and um… took the body and cleaned (#FreeCleaningService) their bathroom. After everyone left there was a soft knock on the door.

    “I’ll check it out.” said Serena. She walked to the door and Blaze was there.

    “Hi Serena… I heard the news… I am so sorry.” said Blaze. Blaze and Serena were very close. They were in a range of dating.

    “I called him, he can stay here with you while I am gone.” said Keashawna.

    “You’re leaving?” said Serena.

    “Sorry, but that is why I called him,” said Keashawna. “And besides… he might ask you out…” Luckily Blaze wasn’t paying attention to Keashawna Serena nodded, and said good-bye to Keashawna. Serena fell asleep on Blaze’s shoulder, Blaze smiled, and laid his head on her head. They both fell asleep in the peaceful quietness.

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