10 Days....

Emily, Serena, and Riley die out of nowhere... Keashawna, survivor of a ghost attack tells their crushes of the fallen friends... Blaze, John, Brandon, and Keashawna must avenge them... But at what cause?


10. Day 10

As the demon’s body was glowing, it eventually blew up. In the dust 3 figures of girls appeared. It was Riley, Emily, and Serena. Behind Keashawna Roulou hugged her and Blaze, Brandon, and John were confused till they saw they. Serena ran at full speed at Blaze kissing and hugging him at the same time. Emily walked up to Brandon and gave him tight hug. Riley jogged to John and kissed him. They were all back…

“I-I can’t believe you're back!” Blaze said to Serena.

“Well…” Before she could say anything Blaze kissed her.

“I am so glad we got you back…” said Keashawna while she looked at the 3 of them. They all smiled and then… it was over… or was it?


A few years passed… 5 to be exact. Keashawna and the boys were able to finish school. While Emily, Riley, and Serena stayed at home, trying to conquer their powers.

Well this is where this story ends… maybe not but who knows… we are grateful that you were able to meet these wonderful people. Who knows maybe this door will open again… I really hope so. Have a wonder year and life.


Love Blaze, Serena, Emily, Brandon, Riley, John, Roulou, and Keashawna.

P.S. - Trust me… this will not be the end, my friends… I will be back…

                           The End

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