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STOP searching we make amazing covers that will blow your mind away LITERALLY. i make covers and also profile pictures. our covers are free of charge.


1. Welcome to my cover store

Cover Store: (Open!)

Hi Im Yuki! and I have settled an ambition to improve and make covers for all of y'all! I will make covers in less than three days, that's only if I'm really stuck on images and designs (which doesn't happen usually and hopefully never will. Fingers crossed!) I use picmonkey, pixlr and Gimp to make some of them, usually switching between different editing websites.

What you should include in your request: ( Some are optional, you do not have to do all of them )

Story Name/ Title:


Quote: optional

Book Genre:

Brief book info:

Deadlines: ( important, Ill try to do it as fast as possible )

Anything other:




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