Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


13. Project E - Twelve

Chapter Twelve: Range of Belief



Close your eyes
Claim my lies
For the heart of ice
Sealed our ties

Embrace my love
With what we have
I pray to god
We won't be apart

Escape the peril
Overcome the fear
Outstanding valour
Bring back honour

Where must pilgrimage
Like book's every page
Whatever future takes
Never knew what life makes

I was so afraid. Not because of the pain, but because of what I see within my vision.

Project E will fall...

Even though I know that it merely resembles a dream but my senses have been present. I can smell the fire that cooks up everything, the wind that scatters the coldness of death and agony. The earth the started breaking down into pieces. Beginning to fall into its core like it was the earth itself. The sound of screams and grunts of every stabbed individuals falling into the breaking ground itself as their graveyard. The ripping of flesh like a piece of cloth being pulled from side to side as I hear blood dripping down like the water running down from a fountain.

It felt so real, yet I know its merely a dream however it feels harder to breath. I'm hardly breathing, I'm already panting heavily and I couldn't help but to remain immobile and watched this nightmare.

But in the far side of the battle field, I see myself within the center of war. But I wasn't fighting, I was simply frozen in a wide block of ice. Doing nothing but sleep it all, as thou I was ignoring like a lifeless figure. Without a use in this worthless war...


I gasped, opened my eyes and sat up quickly as I caught up with my breath. I held my heart pounding so fast as I placed a hand on it, feeling the beat that kicked in to my palm while my hand remained leaning in my skin. But soon it felt so weak that collapsed back from where I lie and found myself in my room here in Stadia. A wide and empty room provided for me by my brother's will saying that this room had been mine eversince I was born in this world.

I watched how the curtains flew hanging from the side of the window as I felt the wind blew and the light peeping out from the same hole. That made me sigh in relief that I've managed to escape such turmoil.

Then I heard the door creaked open that made my head turned towards the noise. Over the opening door entered Heat who happened to hold a glass of milk and apple in his same left hand as he ate the other apple in his right hand. When he fully opened the door, he fill himself in and used the hill of his shoe to close the door back again.

"Been three days of hibernation my li'l sis. What did you eat while you're dreaming?" He asked.

I looked at him bewildered of his question. "What?" I asked back.

"Once upon a time, you fought inside the arena. Time skipped. Blah blah blah... You've been a sleeping beauty the passed three days after your vision made you suffer. So now that you're awake I bet you're hungry so I'll let you have some sweet poisoned apple." He explained with his Disney princess-oh-so-boring story telling way.

He used to explain it this way to me ever since we're kids. Just like when we played hide and seek over the backyard. He told me that if I were red riding hood, I would've been eaten by a big bad wolf. Meaning, I'm not good distinguishing what's the difference in a good hiding place and a bad hiding place. I first thought my brother was a simple minded Disney princess person, but I never thought he did that because he wanted to get along with me and relate himself if we play. But the truth is, I was never fund of princesses in a story book because the family I learned to grew up with have been over the cool side. Heat's Disney efforts had gone down into his euphemism side when he doesn't have to be so straight to the point.

"I'm sure you're hungry sis. Attack on." He offered the apple to me so I took it and have a bite. "And here's the milk to give you some bone." He added placing the glass of milk on the table beside me as he sat on my bed.

"Heat, is it possible that this Project E will fall?" I asked.

"Yeah. This isn't really a real deal afterall." He answered with confidence.

"By what kind of means?" I asked again.

"Anything." He said. "Well since project E is simply man made, there are ways, hard enough to give your hopes down. But since partly were made by nature, it can fall with the use of miracles." 


"It can fall through the use of war and resources." Heat said that put up a shock on my mind that as possible, I don't want to show him so I hid it inside my crumpling fist.

"Well there be a war?" I asked.

"There are always warfare in this place, Lucrylia. You should already realise that since you're the only one who can put a stop to it." Upon saying every words, my brother's sentence caught me up to feel puzzled and surprised.

"How come I'm the only one who can?" I asked more like of a complain.

"Stop time, prolong everyone from moving. Stops everyone from fighting."

"That's not even in the slightest thing of my idea." I uttered tamely.

"Well I have a better view!" Heat recited with his hint of excitement. I nodded to give him the opportunity to do the talking and so he began. "Let's see. When everyone were face to face. Stop time and kill every single one of the enemy. One city wins to conquer, no war."

"Heat! That's too much!" I complained.

"Then just don't do anything else about it." He simply implied and laid his back on my bed. He yawned and his eye turning half open as he stares up the cream colored ceiling. "Your room is so boring, Lucrylia. Try designing it with something lively." He suggested with a sigh of boredom in his tone closing his eyes.

"Heat! Go to your own room if you want to sleep!" I complained.

"Geez. I'm too tired to carry myself back to my room. I've been drained."

"And what did you do to become that weak?" I asked.

"I simply became a wild fiend so I helped out to conquer of that little land on the south." He said.

"What did you do?" I asked again.

"We dominated the Christian city. Weakling that only made themselves very less aware that we've been merciless to anyone." He replied.

"A Christian city in a place like this?" I asked surprised and in disbelief.

"Well, they said that we're chosen by the so called Messiah. The guy mentioned to be the son of God in the Bible... Don't know much about the details but it was said that the guy lived three days after crucifixion." He said. "And since that's what they believe in to, they built a community for holy  things. Churches and weird stuff I've never seen."

"A church for real?!" I asked with amazement.

I've never seen a church before nor did I even know that Bible story my brother have said. I don't even know what Bible is. I also asked my mother about churches but she said that churches nowadays are really hard to find. Things changed a lot lately eversince Omegians stepped in to the spotlight. She said that back then there were only few of them-- the original omegians who didn't undergone the test of science, were treated as the ones closest to the angels and heavens. But I wasn't able to get what she meant by that so she explained to me further...

With prayers I would be able to communicate with god and so with an unimaginable awareness of myself liking her story so much, I prayed. But the day after I complained to my mother that nobody replied into my prayer.

Mother simply laughed and patted my head and said: "Of course he won't reply, he's simply listening. And you should be patient and calm so you could put your prayers into heart." She said.

"You said scientist do not believe in superstitious belief." I countered. "But how did you know things like this?" I asked mom.

"Why?" Mother smiled. "Because when I was young, I've been coming during mass during Sundays with my mother and sister. That's why."

"But why not now?"

"You're such a nosy child, Lucrylia. Enough to become one fine scientist."

"Mom, why did you become a scientist?" I asked.

"I want to know the truth." She uttered not for me that seemingly to be for herself. "And you should start reading your book. You won't learn academic things if you kept on asking me things about God."

And so our conversation ended there. I still have a lot of question but she would change the topic into putting my responsibilities and obligations.

That's the reason why I don't know bible stories and never seen churches because there was no one who taught me what they really are. But that little detail about God's existence, I believed that there's someone higher than anyone. A belief that my heart told me to believe in to even if I'd lose everything.

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