Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


11. Project E - Ten

Chapter tenDisaster's Forthcoming


Coming up with that decision, Creed grabbed my had pulling me away from Jin who was challenging me. He went towards a seat where I caught sight of Calla and her master hope sitting. When she sensed me coming near, she turned to give a look and waved a hand at me for greetings that made her master turned his attention to us.

"I'm glad you made it too, Lucrylia!" She said.

I smiled to return the gratitude back. I nearly didn't make it if she only knew.

"Sit here." Creed said, still his voice had the hint of coldness. He pointed the chair beside Calla and the girl gladly offered the space she has for me to seat in so I had no other choice but to obey Calla's hospitality but not because Creed ordered it.

I sat beside her and sighed. "So, how was your wandering gone so far?" She asked.

"Wandering?" I asked back questionable as I tried to process what she asked.

"I mean, how far did you get to obtaining the flag?" She cleared

I nodded to give the cue that I understood and thought again. "I guess it was breath taking so I nearly died."

"Huh?" Now Calla was the one who looked puzzled.

"I drowned." I said briefly.

"Can't you swim?" She asked.

"I'm injured."


"Someone cheated." Creed now spoke that made us turned towards him. "If this happened again, you should match them with your miracle. There's no fair game when a cheater move its trump card."

"Guess your girl didn't have much of a luck after all." Now Hope spoke with a tone of humor in him. He was actually young, I guess the same age as Creed and he has this attributes that made me think that he's an arrogant man.

"Might be." Creed sighed trying to calm down.

"I think so too..." I uttered to agree.

"Oh no you're not!" Calla coiled her arms around my neck. "You're just accident prone that's all." She smiled.

"Isn't that one unfortunate attribute to have?" I asked.

"Don't put your confidence down Lucrylia. You're an Omegian and an Omegian is lucky to have been given a chance to be alive twice." She said like I was a child listening to a story.

"Not lucky to be here." I said. "Not lucky to have my mother dying because she hid me." I continued.

It made the cheerful Calla stopped. Loosed her had that coiled around me and sadly smiled. "I'm sorry about your loss." She uttered.

I didn't respond and stared at the space in front of me. I don't find being called misfortunate as an offensive word, but I rather find being called lucky as one stupid idea to get.

I meditated for a little while as we sat on the chair. But the concentration left me after I've smelt something foul and familiar... Gas...

When the smell processed within my censor, I closed my eyes and foresee the future, seeing that an explosion will occur behind us killing the four of us in an instant as the strong powerful bomb had left us unprepared within that same second so I quickly returned to the current time and the explosion had begun.

I quickly paused the time and the fire stopped behind us. The red fire escaping like a big wave in the perilous form. And within the time I paused, I pulled Calla out of danger first then ran after the two more men. Then I continued the time as the flame spreads out like a ship crashing into the shore.

All of us were staring at it in disbelief as the others stood in a distance were surprised.

"What the hell..." I heard Hope mumbled and Creed cussed.

"Oh my God." Calla sad out clearly as she watched the big bang.

But when the fire tamed, a figure started to approached out of the smokes around the fire. It was getting closer and the vague silhouette began to clear. The man stepped out of the smoke as the fear began to barged within my sense.

His eyes were fixed on me. Cold and piercing eyes blazed within the reflection of the dancing fire. He was half naked that his built showed up in the sight of the calm sun. And to my familiarization, that man was someone I will never forget. The first man who killed me.

"Heat..." I uttered calmly as we stared at each other. I kept myself with a blank stare as he slowly switched his serious lips into a smirk as he always do.

"Alert as always Lucrylia..." He praised as he went near me, but Creed who's gotten over from the dangerous event blocked his path towards me. That made Heat looked down on my master with underestimation. "Who is this weak thing?" He asked even though he knew that they were just about the same height and built.

"Underestimating me huh?" Creed scoffed.

"Young one, kindly enlighten me for you coming in our territory?" The old man asked. He stood up being supported by the middle aged man.

Heat's expression turned pleased when his eyes turned towards the old man. "You must be the leader!" He asked nicely that made it more doubtful if its him. He never showed that face over my entire life.

"And who would you be you man?" The old man asked back.

"Oh that!" He said like it was really important. "I am Heithro Monochrome. But I prefer you calling me Heat. I am one of the Gladiator of Stadia city." He said.

The old man inhaled sharply as he stared back to my brother. "And what are you doing here?" He asked.

"I came to take my property." He said as his eyes turned towards me. "You see, I have placed a mark on my sister's back eversince she was just a little girl. The mark of Stadia given to her since she was five."

"Lia..." Creed uttered but my eyes were fixated into my brother.

"That mark was the reason why I died." I confessed. "He gave me the mark even though I am still a normal human."

"Oh you're wrong about that my little sister." Heat said back. "Because you were suppose to be dead when I killed your real mother. It just happened that you already turned ever since you're three months old."

I stared at him in disbelief. He killed my real mother when I was a child and killed me too... And that just means that Lucia isn't my mother? The who is she?

"Now my little Lucrylia, com. We will go to Stadia together and reunite with father again. Aren't you two close?" He stretched up a hand at me as I stared back at him. He's the same person I met years ago. He was the same person who killed me.

"Who says I'm going to give you my student?" Creed who stayed in from to block me spoke with arrogance.

"Master..." I watched as he gave challenging glare at him as my brother looked down at him still. I felt my heart raising dramatically as I watched how my brother locked his fist and smirks.

"You're one to act like you're strong. Are you?" Heat asked as the fire formed out from his fist and started surrounding his body like it was an armor.

***Lucia's Journal***

The child grew upMy beautiful Lucrylia grew up.

For five years watched over her, I was surprised over her unexpected abilities coming over her sleeves. I told her to take off the sheets out of her bed and exactly when she said yesthe sheets are in my hands.

I nearly turned hysterical over what phenomena happened but thinking that I might take up the neighborhood's attention I just fell on my kneesBut the girl just stared up at me with a smile.

I was even afraid when she coiled her arms around me with surprise as she kissed my cheeks and laughed. "You're surprised aren't youmom?!" She said with her high pitch and young voice.

"What are you..." I uttered as I stared at her big wondering eyes.

"Isn't that cool mom?! I knew what expression your going to have once I show you my trick!" She said happily.

"Listen to me Lucryliadon't ever do what you didever againYou understand me?"

The girl seemed not disappointed about what I have said. "I know your going to say that too." She beamed.

"Lucrylia, don't ever do this again. You might get hurt if they knew about this." I repeated.

"Yes mom." She whispered. "But Heithro have told me that my power is cool!"

My son Heithro was a turned young OmegianI don't understand how my son managed to turn to become one of them when he was bornThe organization found out when he was a week young and burnt his own crib in the hospital and that he was taken up by the organization and threw him on Project E like his Omegian father, but he and my husband came back when he became six for some unexplainable way of escape in the island. And three years later he began to make troubles even until I have Lucrylia.

Heithro was fund of his new sister and he would bring her toys and insists on feeding her. I can't even object to what he wants because I didn't have a chance to become his mother the passes years. I don't know whether he accepted me as a mother or he just approach me because he knew about my obligations for him as my child. He never tell me random things and would just blob about him being powerful and wonders what power would Lucrylia have once she grows up.

His intuitions are always been accurate in terms of time management when he have to escape who he calls 'mortal beings' or the inspector who are known to be the people in platinum suit cases.

I know he inherited my intelligence and somehow my son resembled me. But being in the same blood line is the only reason we shared to be in the same house. He's a stranger to me now like my husband.

And one day Heithro had done something to young Lucrylia. It was her fifth birthday and as soon as the party had ended, they disappeared in my sightMy heart felt twisted and my stomach had pained me to an unexplainable worriesThere I began to search for them until in the backyardhidden in the only branch of tree peeks a little hand that lie down on the grass in the light of the full moon.

A hand that made my knees tremble in fear as I watched the hand not moving and from that same tree Heithro came outface stained with blood and hands dripping with red fluid as he smiled at me in a way that I can never escaped fromHis grin had shot a great fear in me that I fell on the ground tremblingThat boy... He's no longer my sonHe's just a monster in the shell of my own flesh and blood.

Heithro started walking towards the houseignoring me like I wasn't even there and shut the door close.

After knowing that he was insideI crawled towards the treeI slowly took all the courage to take a peek on the back of the tree and found Lucrylia's lying body on the grassHer back had been marinated in her own blood like a coatAnd as the wound cleared with the help of the moonlightI saw a markIt was yet a little blur that made me used up my hand to wipe the flowing blood out of her back until I saw an eagle's markwings widespread in the extent of her small back and had a long tail on it.

I held on to Lucrylia's hand and sobbed over her young cold body that touched my skinShe's no longer breathingHer pulse had stopped from running and her heart isn't pumpingShe's dead.

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