Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


17. Project E - Sixteen

Chapter sixteenPossibility


I stood without confidence facing the double door which would lead me to the so called throne room here in Stadia. My brother was beside me watching me waiting till I'm ready before he pushes the door open. After I returned to my sixteen year old appearance yesterday, my brother suddenly stepped inside my room door and said that 'our old man wants to see you.' Then he shuts the door again.

That moment didn't give me a chance to rest, instead I was really feeling paranoid that until now I am sleepless but wade awake with the blood rushing in my veins because I was very nervous.

"Oh come on sis, dad's not going to eat you." Heat finally spoke after minutes of silence.

"But... But... That's dad, here, in stadia..." I stuttered hardly trying to give my point to him.

"And?" Heat raised an eyebrow. "He's still dad, Luc. This is just Stadia and he is still the dad you know."

"I'm still nervous." I said.

"Calm down. I'm gonna open this door now." He said holding both knobs as I looked at him move.

Watching my brother slowly opening the door like it was some kind of horror film, I felt the back of my neck felt chilled and heart beginning to pound unstoppably fast, swallowing quietly as the door finally opened up fully. From where I stood, I was facing the red carpet leading to the throne where a man sat. A man I was very sure to be the one to complete our family... Dad.

I entered the door together with Heat as we made our way following the carpet as I stared at our father. He didn't seem to aged after ten years when they were taken back here and he was as neat as always. Although some red cape added into his fashion, he had his inner clothes in his usually formal suits like a business man. He really looks like a man of authority and that's what I've admired by his appearance.

"How nice of you to come for me, Lucrylia." Father said as he stood up from where he sat.

From where he had stood, I felt intimidation that I nearly stepped back. "Y-yes... Dad... Its been a while..." I stuttered trying to sound formally.

Dad simply laughed and started walking down towards us. "Oh, my kids. Look how you've grown." He said with a smile on his face. "I really missed you, my child."

From fear subbed into tears and longing. "I missed you too, dad..." I cried and ran towards him to give a tight hug. Dad hugged me back, patting my head as he kissed my head.

"You've gotten taller and beautiful. I bet Lucia didn't let you wander around so much." He uttered.

From what he said, I cried even more. "They killed mom! I saw him holding mom's head!" I said voice shaking while remembering what happened to mom.

"They killed Lucia?" Father repeated in disbelief but his voice being calm and composed. "It must be because she knows everything about us, Omegians."

I stopped from sobbing and looked up from him. "Why does she has to die?" I asked.

"Lucrylia, my child? Don't worry, you're mother did it to protect you." Dad hushed and loosed his hug. "We know Lucia both well right? She wouldn't do anything that will hurt you. She cares for you so much that even if it cost her her own life, she will happily give it up."

"I'm sorry dad... I wish I could have saved her." I whispered. "I'm so useless. I couldn't even use my miracle to save her."

"You're tears are useless now. Tears can never take your mother back. Unless you master your miracle, there is a possibility." Father uttered. He gave me a smile so little that I nearly didn't notice because he'd always wear his authoritarian face when the topic was so serious or if he was alone when thinking.

With that smile he pinched my nose lightly and gave a space for us both while I think of the thing that he said that I could do using my miracle. A possibility that I could return mother back to life? For the passed seconds of thinking, this idea had caught my interests and hope. I had a thought for myself and father allowed me to have a moment to compose myself and think hardly of how I could do such a Godlike power... A miracle that I myself can't even imagine that is possible.

"How can I do that?" I finally said.

Father stared at me for a while before he opened his mouth to speak. "You're the miracle of time aren't you? It only means that you're ability doesn't just stop, foresee, visualize or see through time. Time is general in your terms and when Heithro had informed me about you're sudden change... It just proved that you're miracle could extend through." He explained.

"Lucrylia." Heat called seriously that made me looked at him. "How many times have you died now?"

"W-what? Why?" I asked.

"Just tell me." He said.

"Its been the fifth." I admitted.

"Do you know why you don't get to die?" He asked.

"Heat, I'm an Omegian. What are you trying to get at. This is already natural right, because we're omegians." I said suddenly turning confused and starting to doubt myself with his sudden question.

"Not because we're Omegians, doesn't mean that we get to be resurrected over and over again. We don't have that kind of power... Unless we can get our bodies back to the time when its still functioning--"

"But I don't know how to do that! All I can do stop time whenever I desire to stop it. It doesn't mean that I can do the things you're trying to imply." I said back breaking Heat's momentum of speaking.

"You're doing it unconsciously. If you must remember, being an Omegian had an effect on the overall of our mind. We don't know how its effective and now, I'm trying to explain what effect it was giving you... Like the effect the miracle of fire had caused over my emotions. Do you understand?" Heat finally explained his thought. Although I already know that the explanation was as easy for a child to understand, my mind was still confused and unease over the shock in the reality that I couldn't bare to let myself get.

And over that bewilderment, I paused time and ran away. I even got myself bumping other people and was about to apologize but I realized that time have its pause and I was simply getting myself away. It took me a lot of time before I reached the exit of Stadia going south. When I checked the map, I knew that I was taking myself to the right direction but didn't know which way must I take to get me to my destination...

The lower boundary where the place I first saw. I know its not as wide as Stadia but I know that's the place I could think. The forest of Zephyr quickly registered into my mind as I continued running with this dead air only my voice and steps are the sound that I know until I tripped down on a tree root and fell on the ground making the time continued running. The wind blew and the trees danced with the hushing wind bending hissing its leaves into the eyes of the warm sun. With this it made the running harder for me. Bruised and scratched as I stood and still continued moving not minding the pain at all and just followed the unknown woods.

I was a bit scared when the place turned darker and was a bit at loss. I didn't even know what to feel anymore when I left father and brother behind. And I don't understand why I ran away.

Confused? But why bother run when you know that all the answers you seek will be answered by your brother and father? 

Scared? Why leave if you're going to go to a fearful place at the same time?

This is rather insane...

The moment is not keeping me in mind. Aside from my mind's getting me lost into the vain confusion, my feet are taking me to an unfamiliar place and unsure direction.

Where am I? When will I get to that forest? What place is this?

My head was all jammed in the woods. I feel that I am losing strength and air finding that the sun had illuminated into the dark forest after this afternoon and I decided to turn my back to the place I was planning to go and decided to go home rather than stay here without even knowing the destination I planned to go. However, as I made my way over the place I thought was going to Stadia, it seemed that I have taken myself to a more thicker woods and different kinds of wild grasses.

Knowing that I'm lost myself, I tried rolling to another direction. Rather than thinking that I had lost all the hopes I had, I decided to moved on to my instincts and continued moving by selflessness and half consciously taking the way for almost long enough to make my throat dry and thirsty. What is this place for goodness' sake?! Until for the passed hours I noticed that the trees are getting less and the afternoon sky is manifesting with its near sunset. Like the egg yolk that spreads around the egg whites in the sky, the orange color stained the blue heavens.

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