Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


18. Project E - Seventeen

Chapter seventeenThe Chatter Box and His Twin


Stepping one more foot forward, the ground suddenly moved and allowed me to see the net trap that hung me into a tree. I felt my body tilted as if I slipped on a wet floor as the net moved unexpectedly fast jailing me into its stiff neon nets making it a bit uncomfortable. My knees were folded up into my belly and my back bowed joining up with the shape of the trap. I tried struggling as I tried to look for my knife that I was sure that I sheathed into my boots but it wasn't there so I looked down and searched for it until my eyes found it with disappointment and somewhat regret as I looked down on the ground and saw that it was simply lying down there like a lifeless doll waiting to be picked up. And how I regret not putting an extra knife on since I thought one blade can take care of me, since aside from it being handy and sharp, I was partly lazy to carry an extra in case of emergency as my brother told me so. Now I grunted in complain while I tried to stretch myself hoping that the rope that hangs me up here might at least loose and let me escape.

But of all people given an unfortunate birth, I gave up and waited until someone comes to cannibalize me-- which I was just joking about.

I felt my panic rising as I tried wiggling around until the net moved from left to right, as if it was a seesaw that a kid was playing.

Oh catastrophe...

Getting dizzy from the lulling trap, I had no other options but to rest my head and allow myself to be here. I really don't have a choice but to wait until the person who set this animal trap would come and hopefully help me and not kill me. I sighed and closed my eyes as I waited for some help until I heard voices no from afar. Shouting and laughed that held me nervous while I gasped for the incoming people that seemed to be coming in this direction.

"I told you there's still animals around here!" One friendly and hyper voice exclaimed happily was the first clear sentence I heard when they were just two trees away.

"Are you even sure that's an animal?" The other, cold tone that seemed to be complaining and weary spoke up.

"As I've said--" the hyper voiced guy paused when he looked up from the trap and found me. "Oh god! Are you okay?!" He asked now with worries as he seemed to be in a panic.

"Well I'd be if you help me get down here." I replied back.

"So, where's the damn animal you are so proud of?" The tone of the impatient one asked as the other went towards the rope where the trap was hanging as he cut it and without anymore support, I fell, butt first as I sat in a bit of pain. Good thing, my knife was a bit inches far from where I landed.

"We caught a butterfly..." The hyper one said selflessly staring down at me with his jaw hanging down as if I was a new discovered alien that fell down from a superstitious alien ship disguised as a tree.

His friend rolled his eyes heavenwards in irritation while I tried looking for another interesting sight to get away from awkwardness of his unusual stare. Almost like hair raising like a ghost passing by or a wind gushing behind my neck.

Soon he must've realized that he has been struck, he quickly returned back to his senses, posturing professionally and closing his mouth like a child joining a military march. I thought its kind of stupid to do, but somewhat amusing.

"Are you alright miss?" He asked in a high and obviously concealed his silliness in his tone.

"I think so..." I said picking up my knife and stood up. The jolly boy helped me up and when I managed to stand up I looked at him and smiled with appreciation. "Thank you."

"Ah! By the way, I'm Allister. And this is my brother Alexander..." He introduced when I was about to open my mouth to introduce myself, he suddenly spoke. "Ah, yeah. We're actually twins and a lot of people say we don't look a lot, but we have some similarities too. Can you see?! We both have light brown eyes! And oh, we also have the same body built." He proudly announced posturing like Johnny Bravo although he doesn't have that much of a muscle to display.

"Well nice to meet you. Name's Lucrylia and uhh... Do you know where's the way back to Stadia?" I asked.

"Stadia?" They were both looking at me with wonder. "Isn't Stadia just down there? Maybe three days away from here?"

"T-three days?!" I asked in disbelief. "But I was just walking for hours! How could that be?!" I asked, more of a complaint.

"Well you're so impossible miss. It took us three days visiting Stadia."

I stopped arguing and realized again. What did I do? Did I unconsciously touched time again? I placed a hand on my chin thinking careless that I was still with two strangers around me.

"Are you sure you want to go back there right now?" Alister asked that turned me back to reality as I looked up from him. "You see, I think its getting dark. You know, its dangerous for a pretty little girl like you walking around the woods without a sense of direction, alone in the company of the weird scary sounds at night. Crickets will distract your sleep and it will make you off guard of anymore sounds. You get to walk with your individuality and might die of starvation." He said seriously among all his possibilities.

"But." He added. "You can spend the night with me and Alexander and I'm sure to keep you safe from any harm and you will feel trust on us and let's get married after."

"Haah?" I looked at him wide eyed and in disbelief. "I'm sorry, but aren't you a bit too much on the hypothesis?" I asked.

Alexander simply sighed and shook his head in disbelief and disappointment while he turned to me. "What Alisterter meant to say is that, you can stay for the night and we'll accompany you to our master to ask his permission if he'd let you have the map to return back." He cleared.

I nodded to put it up briefly. "Yeah, sure. That is, if its alright for strangers to spend the night." I agreed.

Alister grabbed me by the wrist to stand up face to face with me with a big wide eyes on me. "Let's go! And oh, we can sleep together in my room! I can tell you a lot of things about me because I'm sure you're actually interested."

"Err... No thank you." I declined.

"Don't be shy. I am the kind of guy who loves humor. I can be sensible too and a good listener."

"Actually you're more than a talker." Alexander countered.

"Alexander! You're no fair!" Alister said back.

"At least I know I'm no big talker." Alexander said back.

"What was that?! If it weren't for my talks your head could've been rolling over this forest right now because you are so straight to the point and unbelievably annoying companion. If it weren't for me, our master might have been our second killers if ever, and with my exceptionally awesome talent... You owe me your life so many times now."

"Whatever." The cold twin rolled his eyes.

"Whatever? Whatever?! Are you kidding me Alexander?! After all this years, after all we've been through, you're just going to tell me one word in the end of the conversations we've got?!" Alister started making speech with his brother again and as I watched them, I suddenly missed my own big brother. It was insanely amusing with these two boys arguing infront of me.

And when Alexander's eyes met mine, he frowned. "Alister, have you forgotten about the butterfly you caught?" He asked.

I blink twice and both brothers turned to me. "Ah, I almost forgot. Glad I remembered about this young, fresh, little teen butterfly in front of me--"

"You actually didn't remember, I just told you about it." Alexander said back but Alister didn't seem to have heard and continued speaking.

"-- that was caught by the beauty of this animal trap that have been deceived and mistaken to be of a beautiful attractive flower." He said.

"Umm... Can we just go now?" I asked.

"Sure." Alexander said less interested, turning his back at me and began walking.

I also stood up and followed him while Alister was left behind doing his speech again while closing his eyes as if the speech wes very sensational. And when he noticed that we weren't there anymore, he started calling both me and Alexander.

"Don't mind him, he can smell us anyway." He said.

"Smell?" I asked with wonder.

"He's a noisy dog." He simply answered until Alister appeared beside me.

"Fear no more, beautiful young Lucrylia. Alister is here to protect you." He said with a big smirk in his face that I was imagining like a dog wanting to bit a human passing by. "So, let's talk about you for a while, Lucrylia. About you're favourite food, mine is actually junkfoods but I hardly find any here. It was rumored that there are so many chips being imported to Prison E that was why I want to go there. But Prison E was a place for killing machines so I'd rather not. I once tried going there but seriously, they chased me with shotguns. Good thing, Alexander was there to chase me off."

For a moment I yawned. I was sleepy and all Alister's story telling worn me out and I felt like collapsing. Now I wondered how Alexander manages to listen to his twin brother's sleepy narrations? My shoulders had fell and I can feel my eyelids getting heavier by all his stories. I can't even be certain which is which since the stories all he gave had mixed up into my brain. Can't he zip his mouth for at least a minute or two? I doubt if he would stop talking if he's asleep.

"Anyways Lucrylia, do you want to tour the city around? I can accompany you if you want to." Alister said.

I blink twice and looked at him. "Oh I forgot, what city is this?" I asked.

"Its Zamia. One found in the northeast of project E. This was known to be a peaceful place because this has the best soldiers around. And I'm proud to say I'm one of them!"

I yawned again.

"Are you sleepy?" Alister suddenly asked.

"Ah? Huh? I'm not." I said.

"Don't worry, we're close from the main city."

We finally managed to reach the end of the woods as the lights peeped out of there. Until the orange light of sunset showed from above the city where the peaceful and strong infrastructures welcomed our coming. It was so big and seemingly to have placed us into another country rather than a new city. It was covered with sand like a desert and the way the roofs are formed had a curve that was smooth and round from the side, but pointy from the top. A unique design for a building that I've never seen before.

Then the day fell off and night subbed. Like how my body gave up on the long walk after listening to Alister and his way of speaking. He wanted to start us a conversation, but I observed that he was taken away by the flow of his own topic and he would just do all the talking. Listening is tiring somehow. And its just now that I've noticed that, when I met this chatter box...

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