Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


10. Project E - Nine

Chapter nineSins of the Past




I never thought that a deadly place could actually make something astonishingly wonderful. A place I first thought that was just simply a land for dying and fighting could produce a spot where it made me feel peaceful.

At the top of the mountain of the forest of Zephyr, I discovered a new spot. Both for bad and good objectivity. Good for I was staring at it in pure amazement and bad because once I plan an assault against my neighboring city, this would be a good place to watch over from.

This seemed to be the highest point all over the land. I could see the six cities that lies here in the lower boundary and I could also view the land over the upper boundary. My eyes were so fixated over the sight I was taking in that I didn't bother to notice the man who placed his coat around my shoulder.

"This paradise once belonged to the old city of Zephyr. They preserved the beauty of this island and governed the whole Project E for its progress like this whole island was a nation itself." He said as he stood beside me without asking for consent.

"Then this nation was really alive back then." I uttered.

"This is merely a province of one of the country in the other side, but because this place had also been one of the richest province, greed had never set its eyes off the place and soon... They conducted the act of its abolishment." I turned to him in horror as I heard what painful past this place had gone through. "All of them died. With no real explanation over the abolishment, all that lived here died in a great fire. It devoured the lives of many people like an epidemic that made an outbreak."

I felt my head suddenly struck by a thunderous pain. I flinch and held my head as I saw something in my head. Death... Corpses everywhere.


In that red surroundings I could see every corpse of people around the street scattered like trash. They were all severed in ways that I never thought it would have been. My sight then turned down to my had and saw stains of blood in it--

I gasped and opened my eyes wide after seeing disaster. I nearly got tripped on the ground but a hand prevented me from falling from behind. The sight had given me a pinch in my heart that I couldn't bare to hold on my emotions and I broke down. I screamed and began to whip down on the ground in fear.

"No... Stop it..." I cried as I kept on seeing things out of the blue. Killings. A stab that almost separate his upper body from her lower body that only the flesh kept it intact. "Stop..." I grunt in pain.

Immorality. Girls who stayed at home gets to be beat up inside, screams are useless as these heartless men in the form of silhouettes rape them without pity.

I held my head to stop myself from seeing the vision in my head, trembling like a dog in the corner. "Enough please..." I squeaked in pain and agony.

"Hey kid!" The man called shaking my shoulders. "Snap out of it!"

I could hear the screams in my mind. The screams of agonizing pain and death. The melancholy of this place where life begins to disappear within this sorrowful place. I am scared.

"Hey!" He exclaimed again removing the hands that hid my ears as he grip my hand tighter. "Wake up!"

"I... I have enough of it..." I cried. "Please stop dying..."

If this wouldn't stop I would lose myself. But to my surprise, all the visions in my head started to fade away when a pair of lips suddenly crashed into mine without any consent. My fear began to shook off and my mind escaped the fearful sight.

Everything subbed into confusion and embarrassment as I watched myself helplessly being kissed. His lips conquering mine dominantly.

Soon as I felt myself calmed, he loosed his kiss and stared at me.

I never thought a kiss would make something fearful go away. Is this really that powerful that it can make me calm down within just a second.

"Uh... I... I'm sorry!" I said and looked away embarrassed.

"I don't mind." He said and stood up lending a hand at me. I took it as I supported myself from standing up. "You owe me another one. You have a lot of dept now, so meaning I can own you."

"Oh please, enough with that owning. In real life, you don't own someone else's life okay?" I lectured.

"Well in my terms of condition, you must submit yourself to the on who saved your life. That is equality." He said his conviction like a government rule.

I sighed. "Equality?" I uttered. "Well I saved your life once too. And that means you were suppose to submit yourself, but since you saved my life that means... Were actually even. So in your terms of submission that means nobody will own anyone." I said smartly.

He thought for a moment before speaking. "That was a good one." He said with a nod. "You got me today, but the next time I get to save your life... Just see."

I gave a smile in amusement over his terms. "Well. Thank you for showing me this place and for all allowing me to find a flag. I am so grateful." I said. "And I guess I have to go now."

"Be careful on your way back then. Don't die so easily for I still need something from you."

"I'll be going now. See you." I turned my back at him but not making a step away, he pulled me to face him.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Oh." I almost forgot. "I'm Lucrylia. How about you? What's your name?" I asked back.

"Edmund." He replied.

"So... Can I go now?" I asked.

"I don't feel like letting you go yet." He said back.


"Enough with the buts now. Its not always good to rebut over nonsense." He pushed me forward lightly as I made a step forward going down the top of the cliff.

I sighed over what he said and turned back at him to see that he was staring at me seriously. I nodded to greet goodbye and started walking down as I hold the flag with me. It has been a long day. A long day that I don't want to try remembering if possible. All the death and my near death... That man who killed me but failed to set me to rest... This black flag that I am sure a lot of students who died trying to steal from one another.

This day is terrifying. And I wish never to remember this day again.

I kicked a pebble on my way down the mountain. Again I hear the sound of the hissing waterfall and the hushing river on my way back but I was afraid to follow that way again. I felt anxious, my heart pounded wildly, as my head feeling doubt of hearing the water's sound and after realizing that this sensation had made it harder to breath, it actually became my own phobia.

I decided to make a far distance to avoid the sound. I just ran randomly until the water disappeared in the sense of my ear until I began to see the buildings from the high trees realizing that I'm nearly out of the forest.

That gave me a cue to make a run faster until I reached the starting point finding the other participants and masters waiting for the others and in my vision, I caught sight of Creed standing on one of the side smiling triumphantly over my direction as he looked at the flag in my hand.

"The sixth flag has been obtained. Congratulations to you young Omegian and to your master, Creed." The middle aged man who used to stand beside the old man said.

I sighed and gave a gesture of appreciation by bowing before I made my way towards Creed. Is my death worth it?

"Did well kid." He greeted patting my head.

"Thanks." I replied back and sighed.

"What happened to you?" He asked that made me looked at him in wonder.

"What? Why?" I asked.

He reached me with his hand, holding my hair and brushed it out of my hair. "Its wet." He uttered sliding his hand down on my shirt that was still on its progress of drying up. " did you fell on the river?" He asked.

Hearing the word river, I felt my hair rose in terror as I gasped. "I-I... It was..."

"Oh, Lucrylia!" I heard someone called. The familiar friendly voice of the man who I met this morning had given me the chills making me slightly flinch and made a step back. The man who called himself Jin went near and held on my shoulder with a smile that mockingly hit my fear that made my stomach hurt. "What's wrong? Don't remember me already?"

I didn't speak.

"Don't tell me you're still have a hard feeling after I took this flag from you?" He asked raising the black flag that I first found.

It was harder to breath. I felt out of control that my heart had pounded strongly. And in order for him not to lay a hand at me again I decided to stop time, grab the blade he hid in his blade that he used on me as I pound at him making us fall on the ground as I resumed time.

When he got the chance to move again, he was surprised to see me sitting on his belly and him lying down on the ground. I know it took attention from everyone around us.

"What's wrong with you?!" He shouted and struggled but I remained hard and staring coldly at him as I pointed the blade through his neck. "Can't you follow the rules?!" He exclaimed.

"Unfair right?" I asked coldly. "Just like what you said when we're in that forest..."

"What are you talking about?!" He struggled and forced himself to stand up so I paused the time again and stood behind him. Then I resumed the time as he quickly sat up surprised to see me out of his belly but was behind me.

"You tried to kill me. But unfortunately, you failed. And now, would you want to know what future I might bestow upon you once you get to try to cheat on me again?" I asked in warning. "That future might just be one of the corpse."

"Lia." Creed called.

He quickly stood up and glared at me, controlling a near water fountain as he summon the water in his control. "Do you think you can scare me with just a simple trick you got?! Come on, try to fight me with that miracle you're proud of!" He dared.

Well I guess my intuition isn't a good one. But since I started it, I might as well continue. "Then go ahead, cheater." I mocked as I challenged him. I prepared my posture and made it stronger as I looked at him intently and cold.

"How dare you?!" He said angrily and attacked.

I waited until the water comes after me and tried to foresee the future. And in my absolute prediction, Creed's wind had shielded me. That was when I opened my eyes and exactly, the strong wild wind and passed through my face and took the water away. I was quite surprised over what happened as both me and Jin turned our head towards my master.

"You cheated?" Creed asked trying to stop his anger. "You must be a sore loser to even hurt a girl just for a piece of cloth."

His presence had scared me. His new aura turned irrational that I was a bit intimidated. He was powerful.

"Enough with this young ones. The quest hasn't been done yet. If you two want to fight over your quarrels, that could wait until everyone arrives." The middle aged man said. "Now, sit down and rest. It seems to me that the girl's physicality is still weak over drowning so this is wiser to do than waste your energy."

We both looked at the middle aged man surprise as he mentioned me drowning. How did he know that? Is it his miracle? Then he must've seen me with that man... Did he?

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