Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


15. Project E - Fourteen

Chapter fourteenBabysitting


Within a blink of an eye, my brother had ran off without us having our further complaints. Roden and I only had our eyes on the space where he left few of his traces on the ground... Ashes.

"You can put me down now." I told him to break his attention over the spaces in front of us.

"Kid, you're not wearing any shoes on." He said over what's obvious.

"I know that. So what?" I asked back crossing my arms.

"And so I must not put you down. My master ordered me to take care of you. So I will." Roden said back and started walking.

"Stop treating me like a child."

"But you're a child because you're in a form of a child so it means you should act like a child."

"Don't act like my dad because you're not my dad meaning stop acting like my dad."

"I'm not acting because starting today, I'll be your dad."


He made a halt and looked at me surprised. "What did you say?!"

I rolled my eyes and grunts. "I don't like a dad like you."

"And I swear I won't have a spoiled brat of a kid in the future like you."

"Believe me, I can see that in your future, you won't have a wife!"

He scoffed. "Oh-ho! Kid. Grow up already!" He complained until we reached the supply market and just tossed me to a clothing store where ladies began to treat me like their very own Barbie.

They made me wear a white dress and change my braided hair into ponytail on both sides of my ear. But not hearing further of my childish complaints, they simply sent me like gift only wrapped in their fabulous ribbon as they call it. When Roden saw it, he acted as if he's one proud father.

"Oh... Would you look at that. My little girl is so cute..." He teased and laughed after.

"How dare you say that." I grimaced and looked down on the silly dress again with irritation as I grunt in complain.

"Okay. Since we're done with your dress up, let's look for a place to eat. Man I deserve some food for taking care of a child as bratty as you are."

I didn't gave a reply and started walking away from him as I follow a certain person I knew was familiar so me. After all that I've gone through I know I won't forget that face... Edmund!

I ran after him noticing that Roden had lost sight of me which was a good thing for I don't want him joining up my troubles. I followed the man walking infront of me, his walk quick enough that every step he makes caused me to run three times faster that my usual walk since I'm over this size. My small feet trying to chase him as I reach my hand to reach his coat that reached up his knees waving like a flag behind him. I grab it and pulled as I stopped from walking, when he felt that I grabbed his coat, he made a halt looking back until he looked down at me.

"Kid, let go and find a kid your age to play with." He said sounding more like a man giving a warning.

"Why are you here?" I asked instead of letting his coat go.

"Its none of your business kid. Now get your hand off my coat." He replied trying to shrug me off but I held up.

"Its me Lucrylia!" I finally revealed.

I saw him turned a bit taken aback but soon his brows furrowed and looked at me with unconvinced expression. "Better go home kid, I don't have time for jokes." He said finally showing his rude side as he pulled his coat forcefully that caused me to trip down and had my knees on the rough ground.

Although I know that I already am a sixteen year old girl that moment, I still couldn't help the childish feeling in my ego and eccentric side of a kid kicking in to me that made me felt sensitive. My tears beginning to blur my eyes and I started crying, wailing that almost took attention in the market. It also made him stop and made a troubled face going down as he carried me up that made me stopped from my tears.

He sighed. "Seriously kid." He uttered.

"But I'm telling you the truth!" I sniffed and wiped my tears. "Its me!"  I said desperately.

"You're an omegian who can read minds?" He asked.

"No, I'm Lucrylia who suddenly-- for some reason turned into a child." I explained.

He observed me for a little while and gave an observing gaze. "It may seem that you look like her. But still I am not convinced."

I blew my cheeks annoyed as I pulled his hair making him flinch and grunts in pain. "I look like her because I'm her!" I said.

"And I'm suppose to believe because you look like her?" He shot back tamely as he raise an eyebrow.

"Its not that way. And what are you doing here. If they find out who you were in this kind of place, you're a dead meat." I uttered.

"Don't worry kid, stadia have their treats for non-Omegians." He assured patting my head as began to walk me around. "And how did you get here, little one? Were you born here like me or exported from the other side?" He asked.

He really don't believe me. "I was exported from the other side. And as you've known I was suppose to be a part of Crimson Liberty, but as you can see, I was taken here in stadia by my brother." I explained.

"And why are you wandering around the streets? Your brother must be looking for you." He added.

"Oh no he's not. He just tossed me to his trainee to be taken care of. And why are you here for?" I asked.

"I am going to watch the fight today. But I was late and was not able to see any match." He replied.

"You said you hated Omegians, so... What's the use of watching?" I wondered.

He made a pause and looked at me simply puzzled why a kid like me knew his hate but soon chuckles. "You really are an Omegian who can read minds." He said.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To look for whoever is taking care of you. We don't want a child getting lost in such a crowded city don't we." He said nicely.

"You're such a person. I don't understand why you don't want to believe." I said pouting my lips as a child like me do.

"What would I gain if I believe then?" He suddenly asked back that for some reason has given me a retreat for being unprepared. I held my tongue back and thought. Really, why am I desperate to make him believe me? And in the first place, why am I convincing him.

"I- I... I don't know. Maybe because you're my friend." I said.

"Do you think I see Lucrylia as a friend?" He asked back.

I didn't speak and looked down sadly. "Then what do you think of me?! You're so mean!" I complained pulling his hair again like a child.

"Ow kid, stop that!" He said trying to stop my hand from pulling his hair. "Let my hair go before I'd lose my cool and I might set your little mind reading miracle useless for the rest of your life." He warned.

I stopped from pulling his hair of and pout again looking away as I gave an annoyed expression.

"Oh please. Do you want me to buy you a candy?" He asked.

"No, because I. Want. Cake!" I said. "Strawberry flavor!" I added but felt in discontent. "And chocolate!"

He chuckles. "Okay kid. Just behave and I'll treat you what you're requesting."

"Okay... Just. For. Now." I agreed as though I was warning him over a nonsensical plan I had in mind. Then he took me to a shop  just around the same street. A bake shop? In stadia? Really?

"Now... So what do you want to eat again?" Edmund asked me when a waitress appeared beside our table waiting for our order.

"A. Straw. Berry. Cake." I demanded. "And. Chocolate."

"As the Littleton said. And a cup AF coffee and a glass of milk too if you please." He said.

The waitress simply smiled. And to some unbelievable aspect, flying plates of orders started approaching us and went into the table. With my mouth drooling with the sweets, I almost forgot that I was already sixteen and not a kid.

"Enjoy your meal." The lady said and left our table.

"There you go kid. Eat up." He offered and I was selfless enough to dig in. I think being in this kind of body puts me in the same state of mind. But even though my conscious mind tells me that this is embarrassing, I was subconsciously proving that I'm as childish as the age I've been taken in to.

"So kid, how old are you?" Edmund asked.

"Sixteen." I replied, mouth full of the fluffy bread of cake.

"More like four to me." He sighed. "When did you became an Omegian?"

"Three months old." I looked up at him. "Can you get me cookies?" I asked.

"Okay." He looked back to where the waitress had stood and raised his hand. "Some cookies." He requested and the lady nodded as the plate of cookies came flying towards our table.

"Thanks." I said and took a piece of cookie.

"So, do you know Lucrylia?"

"Of course I do, because I'm her."

"Let's see... If you're Lucrylia, where did we first met?" He asked.

"When you shot my leg weeks ago. I tried convincing you run away but you were so insistent an kept on bragging about protecting me then when I told you that I was an omegian, you suddenly shot my belly. And I saved your life." I proudly explained.

"Then how about the second time we meet?" He asked.

"You revived me from drowning. Putting me into my sixth resurrection. And helped me find my flag." I said.

He clapped his hands. "You really are a good mind reader." He praised.

Now he totally made me raise up my tantrum. Stopping time as I when beside him then I continued the clock. Surprised from my sudden appearance beside him he stared at me in disbelief.

"You've got to be kidding me. You're really Lucrylia?" He asked.

"I kept on telling you." I said. "So, is really watching the match in stadia is your objective of coming here?"

"Uh-huh." He nodded. "And you being taken by your brother is true?" He asked back.

"Yes. He said the mark he left in my back was a symbol that I belonged to Stadia ever since I was a kid. But my master in the dead city was insistent of keeping me in Zephyr and was no match to my brother. But I was glad he didn't kill anyone." I sighed and bite my cookie.

"How's your life when you got here then?" He asked.

"It was somewhat the same with the rebellion. Surviving. I still have to win or either lose over my enemy. And earlier this morning, I just lost."

Edmund gave out a laugh. "That's normal in a fight. You must accept defeat sometimes."

"Yeah. I know that. I'm just upset that I am fighting over a death without knowing my reasons why I must bother fighting." I uttered.

"Don't worry. Soon you'll find a reason why you must kill a person or fight them." He took a sip from his coffee and sighed.

"Hey! Lucrylia!" Both me and Edmund turned our heads towards the voice who called, finding Roden who was panting on his way towards us. "God what have you been doing. And who told you to hang around strangers huh?" He scolded.

I clapped my hands tamely and yawn. "Wow trainee, you just found me." I said without interest as I looked at Edmund. "Well, thanks for the food. And I'm sorry to bother you." I said and walked towards Roden the I looked back at him again. "I hope you a safe day."

He nodded and took a sip from his coffee. "Same goes for you kid." He said back.

I gave him a smile to return his gratitude before I started to walk away with Roden.

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