Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


16. Project E - Fifteen

Chapter fifteen: Omegian Children


Hiding myself from Roden who kept on babbling about being behave and obedient to older people like him had brought me somewhere unfamiliar. Because he was really talkative and irritating I always have to run away and hide myself from him. Since now that I have totally lost myself within the city of Stadia.

The place looked like a street where homeless people stays. I can see old craft houses that was as vulnerable a piece of twig. People around were thin and malnourished just by staring at them. Why is there something like this?

I was making my way around the market with my irritating dress taking up a lot of attention from the townspeople here. Must be because I've noticed how people were taking me in a noble way as if I was some kind of princess. There were vendors approaching me, asking me to take some of their half rotten fruits. I was quite surprise over the people's generosity but half worried why the fruits have gotten this way when I heard from my brother that there are omagians who specializes their miracle on making plant grow and well.

"Come on young child, have some fruit." A thin woman offered as she lend me an overripe orange.

"Oh... No, but thank you." I politely declined.

But my reply seemed to have set her expression unpleasant and soon turned angry. "You don't want to eat a gift from god?!" She exclaimed exaggeratedly afraid. "This child had rejected God!" She screamed taking a lot of attention from other people.

"Impudent child must be punished." I heard that people began to utter. "Must punish..."

They had surrounded me making me felt horrified as they wobbled like zombies trying to balance themselves to carry their weights until they pounded on me. They crowded around my direction but didn't seem to know what to grab so I tried crawling down while they're all busy with grabbing each other.

Getting myself out of the crowd, I stared at them in disbelief. What's wrong with them?

As I watched these men busied themselves with fighting one another and seemed to have forgotten that they were suppose to pin me down, a hand grabbed me, taking me away from that part of the street and took me somewhere deeper into it. I turned to look at the person who was grabbing me and found a boy. We ran around stiff roads until he finally stopped on a small house and entered. There, I took the opportunity to catch my breath.

"Hey kid!" The boy called out to me seriously. I looked up over the ten year old looking boy who placed his hand on his waist and was frowning at me. "What are you doing out there?" He asked.

"Why? Is that bad?" I asked back instead of answering.

"Even if I explain things to you, a toddler will not understand." He mocked.

Feeling the irritating of the boy's taunt, I blew my cheeks again and kicked his knee. The boy shouted an 'ouch' kneeling one foot down as he hold the other looking up at me as he glared. "What is wrong with you?!" He asked angrily.

"I am not a toddler kid, and instead. Tell me what's the matter with this place?" I asked.

"Well kid, since you're born in this hell of a place, I guess I should tell you what's through." He sighed. "But first, we should head in."

He started walking further inside the house that looked so old and abandoned. "You live here?" I asked.

"We live here. We have nothing else to go to." He emphasized.

"Why here?"

"Because its the only place provided for us mere human beings." He was a bit sarcastic when he said human beings as he rolled his eyes, opening another door making me hear children's noises that made me felt bewildered. When he fully open the door, I was enlightened from the sound and finally managed to see children around. They were all children around and playing happily inside the wide room.

"Kids?" I uttered selflessly.

"Speaking as if you were not a kid yourself huh." The boy scoffed as he looked down at me.

"Big brother Zack!" A child screamed running towards the boy. The little boy seemingly to have the same age as my form today, jumped up and hugged the boy who saved me.

The boy called Zack laughed and patted the little boy's head. "Hey there Tim, how's your day?" He asked.

"It was great! I get to play with the other kids as always." Tim replied until his eyes turned to my direction. "Who is this kid, big bro?" He asked.

"Found her walking around the streets. She seemed lost." He told his brother.

"I am not lost!" I denied.

"Then explain why you're walking around Stadia's Lower Ground." Zack demanded.

"Well..." I scratched the back of my neck and thought for an explanation. But honestly, I don't know how to lie. "I ran from a guy my brother had entrusted me with. He was so talkative and I couldn't stand his way." I said sounding like a complain.

"Then you got lost because you ran away, right?" The boy Tim said.

"I..." I doubt to deny and looked down embarrassed. "Yeah... I got lost..." Instead I shyly admitted.

"See. You're lost." Zack rolled his eyes.

"You don't have to repeat that!" I complained.

"Then you're free to stay here if you want to--" a girl stopped from talking when the door slammed open that made all of us jumped surprised. I turned towards the people who entered that didn't seem to have made the children not happy about their presence.

"What are you doing here?!" Zack exclaimed as the children began to stepped back on the room away from those men.

They were middle aged looking men and covered their faces with beard and body marked with tattoos. They looked barbaric.

"Oh... I'm scared." The men laughed insulting Zack's determination to oppose as one of them puffing his cigarette and spit it on the ground as he went near.

"Don't you dare!" Zack charged towards him grabbing on his big arm as he clamp tight hanging.

However it didn't stopped the man. He simply looked at the boy hanging on him hissing annoyed making a reluctant sway of his arm that caused Zack to flew off and slam his back on the floor. He started coughing but tried hardly to swallow the pain with his small built to stand up. I rushed over him to help holding both shoulder to make him stand.

"Stop! Stop it!" Zack screamed watching the man approached the children and observed them.

"Shut up kid! Whatever you do, you can't even fight back because you're simply powerless kids!" The man insulted, with his smirk growing wide, he grabbed a little girl just about twelve of age from the children who crowded the side of the room. "You'd make a good company." He said.

"Let go! Please! No!" She screamed fighting back as she tried to remove the man's grip from him.

"Let go of her!" Zack ran after his back again and began to punch but the man wouldn't even bulge from his strength.

"You're starting to annoy me boy." The man said in warning although he knew to himself that the boy wouldn't even listen to him. He took his gun out and pointed it to him.

Zach stood frozen as the gun touched his forehead. He back a little, trembling and sweat beginning to produce out of his head.

"Blame your parents for being even born in the first place. If your parents didn't turned into such a pest omegians and let themselves die instead, you wouldn't have been here." He said that made the children caught unexpectedly surprised. They were the children of the omegians who were taken here?

"Mr. Why do you have to take a powerless child? Are you that weak to put your nose on children than to find your own woman?" I asked.

They all looked at me over my insult. But I could feel the anger that started corrupting me. I could feel my head burning in an unexplainable hate as I stared at them.

The man stood tossing the girl aside and kicked Zack as he walked towards me. He ducked and made his face closer to mine. "You must be a new kid. Do you want to die now?" He asked pointing the gun to me but I didn't broke the contact and didn't allow my fear to take over.

"How about you, sir? Do you not wish to live?" I asked back.

"What--" I paused the time and stole the gun he was pointing at me and continued time and so his speaking. "Do you mean--" he was surprised that his gun was out of his hand.

"Do you wish to die now?" I asked.

"Y-you're an... Omegian!" He exclaimed and crawled away. "That kid is a monster!"

"If you want me to keep you alive, then its better if you leave this place and don't ever come back." I said coldly and with warning.

They've started running out making me sigh and let the gun slipped into my hands. The kids were all staring at me, eyes shone with fear as they all backed away.

"Wait, don't be scared. I- I won't hurt you." I tried to pursue but it made them all stiff and horrified.

"Stay away from us!" Zack exclaimed picking up a stone from the floor and threw it to me. It hit my head and the pain had me tripping down and sat on the floor. "Get out of here you bunch of arrogant monsters!"

The other kids began to chant the word 'leave' and all I have to do is to turn my back sadly and started walking away.

But upon walking towards the exit to leave, I smelt the same familiar scent. Gas... My brother's miracle.

We heard screams outside this house and the smell of flesh within the flames beginning to surround my senses making me run out of the house. My eyes grew wide as I watched these men who infiltrated the small room getting burnt alive, screaming and rolling all over the ground trying to put off the fire that was making them suffer.

"Oh, is this the little runaway?" A woman asked that made me looked up at her. She was the woman I fought with earlier this morning. The woman who had her scorpion hair. She was chewing her gum making a blow of balloon from her mouth as it popped on her lips taking the gum in again and continued to chew. "Wow, I didn't know her kiddie version is adorable." She complimented that I took as an insult.

"Hey! Why are you running away from your papa Roden!" Roden asked as he went near to pat my head.

"Disgusting." The woman shrugged. "Get your own kid, Rotten."

"Its Roden you butthead!" Roden shouted back as he stuck out a tongue to her.

"What did you say?!" The woman screamed in disbelief.

"Where do you think a scorpion tail is connected? In the butt of a scorpion right?!" Roden started laughing as he made his punchline while the woman who he pertains about gotten furious making her hair turn into a scorpion tail.

"Why you?!" She was about to chase him, but a hand grabbed her by the shoulder and stopped her. It was my brother who went towards me and patted my head.

"Its alright now. Thank you for helping me track my sister, Jean." Heat said as he lend a hand on me. "By the way Luc, this is Jean. One of my recruits. So... Let's go now. We don't know when will your side effect take on to your body so its better to stay at home."

I reached for his hand as he poked my forehead, making me flinch over the pain. "What happened?" He asked.

"Just a kid who threw a stone in my head." I replied.

"I see." He nodded as he smiled wickedly chilling me out as he clicked his finger and the house where the children stayed exploded.

I gasped over the surprising bombardment and nearly tripped as I watched the house burnt down. "Why did you do that Heat?! They're just children!" I screamed horrified as I smelt the burns giving an unpleasant smell.

"They are children who needs miracle to survive. And I just gave them a shortcut to end their pointless suffering in this useless world. Don't you agree?" Heat replied less interested of the children's lives that were instantly faded away.

"How could you say that? They... They still have future ahead of them." I cried.

"Look my little sister. Omegian children are simply the same as normal children. But the worst part, their engaging in a war, and they don't have anymore reason to be entangled with it. No one will care whether its a child or not. I just made their lives easier than waiting for the worst." Heat carried me up when he knew I can't keep up with their walk. He simply patted my head again and leaned my head on his shoulder. "Just sleep. You'll get use to these stuff once you understood everything you must know." He whispered.

And so it seems that his permission was the cue I was waiting for, I closed my eyes and felt the fantasy of dream chasing me...

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