Crimson Liberty

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

But nobody knew what 'miracle' she possessed that had turned her as the 'weakest' and most powerful.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


12. Project E - Eleven

Chapter elevenStadia's Welcome


Call my name
Make me tame
Hear my complaints
I shall do the same

Hide me from fear
Stay with me near
I'll sing where you'd hear
And soon stab you with shear

Calm your mind 
And there you'd find
The greatest death
Given my might

Live again in mystery
Wonder who will you may be
In the mist seek for me
Unleash your blade and set me free

I could still remember the poem Heat have given me before he killed me at my fifth birthday. His young and cheerful voice had sounded to be someone else. Not my known brother anymore but someone I haven't seen that was a side of him.

It was his belief when he placed that mark in my back. And when I get the chance to live again I saw the note again, he left it in the my room days after my fifth birthday. But now that I saw him standing in the opening of the dead city where I met a new colleagues, it felt terribly fearful.

He made his hand stretched into Creed as a vision struck through my head, he will burn my master!

I gasped for air as I opened my eyes and pushed Creed the same time as the fire produced out of his palm. I hissed a bit as I felt the burn in my arm that slowly absorbed inside of my skin, swelling and soon turned out to become another black mark like a tattoo of vine that crawled around my arm. What is this?!

"Come on sis, stop doing that. I might kill you for certain now if you keep on saving dead people around." He said straight faced as if he didn't Care at all.

"You don't have to hurt anyone."

"I'm not." he denied.

"I know what you're planning to do, Heat. Please enough."

From his denial, his face swapped into a wicked smile as he watched my serious face. "Don't misjudged me my sister, if you saw me turn everything to ash then it means that you didn't follow my plan A."

The people around us inhaled sharply in surprise, other gasped and others turned furious. "Who do you think you are to underestimate us!" Jin exclaimed angrily.

"You're so full of yourself monster." Calla scoffed as a sudden flying debris that was a piece of a building fell above my brother. "Speak when you know how to shut up." She seriously said.

But knowing Heat, a simple rock will not even hurt him. And I was right, it melted down on the ground like an ice melting down on the ground.

"What were you saying again?" Heat asked back amused.

"Still arrogant when you're only one?!" Jin shouted as he summoned the water in the fountain to strike him, the water devoured him inside, drowning him but he wasn't doing any struggles. He was simply smiling inside the water ball. "He's so full of himself. He should've remembered that fire never matched water." Jin boasted confidently as he crossed his arms in posture of arrogance.

But sooner I can see how Heat remained smiling. Keeping his smirk until I noticed that the water began to boil. It began to produce out smokes because of evaporation until I can't see anything anymore.

I panicked as I looked around, hearing other people grunting and bones cracking nearby. I closed my eyes to concentrated on my vision, but a warm and big hand distracted me as it covered my mouth and I felt the hit on my shoulder as I felt dizzy... Taking out all my senses as I closed my eyes to accept the incoming darkness...

"This was supposed to be Plan C. But since I know plan A and B will make you hate me, I'd stick up with this plan." He whispered before I fully felt that I've lost consciousness.


"Lucrylia!!!" A voice called out beneath the dark horizon. "Lucrylia!" Again the voice screamed.

"Mother?" Now I recognize the owner of that voice. I began to search but the darkness just showed me the wavy sight of the dark made it a bit difficult.

"Lucrylia..." But a voice spoke in a difficult tone. A man that has been very familiar to me. "Lucrylia, open your senses up!"

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the arena with the strong applause. I hardly tried to get up as my strength slowly regenerating within my veins. Blood had turned my left eye blinded by dark red as I stared at my enemy.

A man who can disappear anywhere and suddenly striking me randomly. Even my vision couldn't see his future movements because of his disappearance in my sight.

And again a strike surprised me of its sudden coming. It ripped off my shirt and my bare back had revealed the scar of my long past. The mark on my back that showed the flying eagle that seemed to be alive inside of my body. Its wings had riches both the joints of my shoulder and its tail ended in the tip of my waist.

I panted as I concentrated on the wind around me making me sniff the aroma of roasted dust. My panic had made me even more cautious and thought for another way to capture the invisible man than just using and wasting time over my prediction. I waited until he give out his strike until I felt a slash hit my shoulder using my miracle to stop time that same second and searched for him with the use of my sense of touch, same direction where he used the blade to hit me until I've managed to spot his arm. The feeling of a thick cloth covering a whole hard meat that hangs a knife on the edge of its hand.

I took the knife and continued to travel my hand to find his head making use of its sharp blade to slit a vein and continued the time. Hearing him gurgling as the blood began to produce out of his body. I closed my eyes not to see the person I killed as I looked back and stared at the crowd who silenced and were looking back at me with astonishment.

When I turned to look back at the man I killed again, he wasn't invisible anymore. His blood run out like a bucket of paint that spilled down the floor. I remained staring at him and as the time went by, it made me felt disgusted. I sat down on my knees on the ground and wiped the blood on my eyes. It has been aching and itchy at the same time.

But upon resting down on the floor, my brother had ran up towards me over the arena as he carried me up to leave the place quietly.

"It seems that you've learned how to kill. That's a good sign of you being alive my sister. You've earned the right to be a real part of Stadia." He uttered looking straight way.

"Heat..." I mumbled that made him turn to me and gave a devilish smile.

"Once you win up the last four fights, you won't be a prisoner anymore."

"But this isn't right... Why do we need to kill--"

"Just don't reveal what your miracle really is so you'd be safe from the greedy weakling." He forestalled as always if he doesn't want the thought I'm trying to speak out. So I kept quiet not to annoy him.

Being engaged into fire as a miracle doesn't just change your survival skill but also affect your attitudes. It adds up greater emotion over the person's mind. His passion greater and anger's higher in anything unpleasant. I can say that he's more on the sensitive side and easily lost his cool once he will literally explode like a mini volcano, cover his body in flames up like a bonfire and will surely kill someone once his eyes lost trail of what his conscious mind thinks.

Heat died right when he was born in the hospital. He wasn't breathing by the time mom had given birth and a day after the child was in the purgatory, the nurses heard the fire alarm down there and Heat was crying there with the dead people. It was a miracle that within a day he managed to use his power and burnt the purgatory and put the bodies to ashes just to warm his cold body. And soon the organization of Project E or those men who wore formal attires and platinum suitcase took him and threw him here and was delivered to dad. He took cared of Heat until he was six and they managed to get down to the real world and blended with the normal beings. Until I was born a year later...

That was the story my brother has given me. But I still wonder how he managed to escape this place when Creed had told me that this place possesses a heavy security.

"Do you want to see dad?" Heat suddenly asked that made me looked up at him. "Well if you want to?"

My heart skipped a beat after hearing what he said. Dad was also very close to me when I was a child. Every time he come by and find me awake he would play with me together with Heat and mom. Although mom was a bit uncomfortable about that, I still managed to count her in our game because I was such an insistent child.
"Yes. I want to see him. How is he right now?" I asked.

"He's doing boring things." Heat replied uninterested.

"Is he going to like my presence if ever?"

He made a bit of pause when we reached the entrance going inside the interior of the coliseum here in stadia. "Why not? That old man haven't seen you since. He will be happy to see you."

"Really?" I still doubt. "H-he's not my... real dad... Right?"

"So what? You're his niece and he treated you like a daughter. Simple as that."

"You speak it out so easy..." I tamely said.

"Does it look hard anyway." He shrugged.

As he said the words, my head suddenly felt ache and striking lightning put up a shocking pain on my temple that I squeaked, shutting my eyes close and feeling that my skull wanted to break in half over the unbearable pain. I involuntarily rose my hand to cover my ears as the pain still continued to punish me. Then there arrive a sound that spoke in my head.

A song... A song of chorus in a high pitch voice. A song that at first was just at its simple tone but sooner subbed into an agonizing scream that segregated down into wailing, crying, dying, fearing and a lot more. I tried to shrug it off but the sound put up a higher volume making the pain wanted me to slam my head into something harder. It hurts...

And in the pain I saw something beyond the darkness. There was a light that shone so bright and blinding. My eyes stifled to adjust and caught sight of a wide green fields. I could feel myself walking around, brushing the green grass that I pass by. I joined in with the harmony of the tranquility and soon closed my eyes and feel the wind wiped my skin...

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