Taken Away

Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood were just normal teenagers. Angel Smith, Lilith Edwards, Teagan Yearings, and Alyssa White were just your average girls. What they all have in common is the fact that they were all abducted by an unseen force. What will happen? How will they survive? Who will have to die?

*not famous*


2. The Others

Lilith's P.O.V.

"So, what are all of your names?" Luke said, a voice to break the silence that crept over the back. He looked nice and sad. Works for me.

"Ashton," said the chirpy boy next to me. We all looked at him. He was looking at me. "What's yours?"

"Lilith," I obliged after a few minutes of thinking. The blonde girl gasped.

"L-Like the demon? Lilith," she said in a shaky voice. I nodded, she stared more widely. "Well, my name is Angel. So we obviously can't speak to each other."

"I'd gladly accept that," I looked down at my leather boots, feeling eyes on me.

"I'm Teagan," said the ginger girl next to Angel.

"I-I'm Alyssa," came a small voice that sounded of tears on the other side of Ashton.

"I'm Luke," he said from in front of me.

"Michael," the boy next to Luke.

"Calum," the tan boy across from him and next to Angel said.

"L-Lilith, you were h-here when I-I ca-ame," Alyssa stuttered through her silent tears. "How long have you been here?"

"Two weeks," I said quietly, everyone fell silent again.

"How old are you?" asked Ashton.

"I turned fifteen a few days ago," my black eyes met his sorrowful eyes.

"I'm fourteen, and Teagan is fifteen, too," Angel's voice broke our eye contact. "Alyssa, how old are you?"

"S-Seventeen," she replied.

"I'm seventeen," Michael said. Then Calum was sixteen along with Luke.

"Ashton?" Calum asked.

"Eighteen," he answered.

"Does anyone know the day? When the police come for us, I want to give them a full run down," Angel broke one of our now usual silences.

"8th of August, 2012," Teagan answered.

Then another round of silence.

"What's everyone's favorite color?" Luke offered.

No one answered.

"Where do you guys live?" Michael tried.

Complete silence.

"When's everyone's birthday?" Calum had a go.

"Mine's the 7th of July," Ashton said.

"20th of November," Michael.

"16th of July," Luke.

"I'm 25th January," Calum. "Girls?"

"1st of August," I said.

"10th of March," Angel.

"3rd of May," Teagan.

"25th of April," Alyssa.

Silence. Then we stopped.

There were noises everywhere from all around me, exclamations from others. I felt Ashton jump on top of me to shield me from what was going on. 

Even he fell limp to whatever was being shot at us.

The prick punctured my skin now and the world fell dizzy. Next thing I know, I was being transferred into a wooden house...a cabin it looked like. A cabin in the woods, that's reassuring. 

I felt unconsciousness drag at me and I fell into it. 

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