Taken Away

Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood were just normal teenagers. Angel Smith, Lilith Edwards, Teagan Yearings, and Alyssa White were just your average girls. What they all have in common is the fact that they were all abducted by an unseen force. What will happen? How will they survive? Who will have to die?

*not famous*


1. Introductions

Calum's P.O.V.

I made my way to my friend's house, his name's Michael and he's really my only friend. We aren't in the same grade or anything, in fact he's a year older than me. He's so cool, and he's seventeen.

We have to go to school, which is going to suck. I don't really know anyone in my year, save for Luke Hemmings. We're not really that good of friends though. 

I ran my hands through my dark brown hair and waited for Mike.

This was the spot we agreed to meet, where is he?

That's when I saw the black van pull up to me and the world went black.

Alyssa's P.O.V.

I awoke in the van. This was now the second time the people had knocked me out. I looked around and I saw a boy not much older than sixteen.

He had dark hair and was small, that was all I could see of him anyway. He was on the floor facing the wall on the other side of me.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Alyssa White, I'm seventeen years old. I have wonderful parents who are probably worried to death and two brothers. I was taken about an hour ago and before now it had been only me and this girl who doesn't talk.

My attention cut from the boy lying, unconscious, on the ground to the door that was being pulled open and blinding light filled the dark car.

Michael's P.O.V.

I was late, so late to get to Calum. I had to stop and help this blonde kid who was now following me. That was when the van came for me or him. Then some dark figure enveloped me and I heard the boy scream before he too was cut off.

Now I'm inside of the van with two girls--one just looks at the boy and me, and the other is sitting in the corner facing the wall--, Calum--who I was awaken to pushing me and asking if I was alright--, and the boy from before--who I found out name was Luke, Calum knew him.

Teagan's P.O.V.

My only job was to walk the family dog, now I'm running for my life from the figures chasing me. They had tried to grab me when I fought against them and got away.

My name is Teagan Yearings. I'm a fifteen year old who lost her dog to the figures. 

I turned to look behind me and saw that they were gone, so I hid behind a large tree to catch my breath.

That plan was foiled by a prick on my forearm and black being all I could see.

Ashton's P.O.V.

I walked out to my mother's car. She had promised my little brother that she would take all of us out for ice cream and a movie. I had to get out first in order to secure my place at the passengers seat from my sister. That was when the strange-looking van came up to the curb and hooded forms waltzed up to me with a strong walk.

They had tried to persuade me to get in the van, when I said no, they got angry.

It was when I saw some people in the back that I finally agreed and got in, in an attempt to help them.

I don't know why I got in, it was stupid of me. I guess I just wanted someone to see the argument and me getting in and take a picture of the license plate or something.

I should probably tell you who I am, just so the world can do what my witnesses failed to do. I'm Ashton Irwin and I'm eighteen-years-old. I have made mistakes, but I didn't deserve this.

Lilith's P.O.V.

Two weeks, these bastards had me for two weeks. I had already missed my fifteenth birthday. I guess my ten wishes before that came true, away from my abusive family. That's something I can thank those assholes for. I didn't ask for the extra people though. 

Just today, they seemed to want to give me company. I was here when that black-haired girl was thrown in here. Nice hair though I should say. Lighter than my black (it resembles vantablack), and her eyes were green as I saw, you know, before they were closed by unconsciousness. Boring compared to my black eyes. Then the tan boy was thrown inside, he was gone until just an hour ago. When the door opened and the two other boys--one blonde, one with dyed blue hair--came too. He knew one of them--Michael, his name was, he was the blue one. The blonde boy was Luke, the tan boy also knew him. Then the red-haired girl came as well, she put up a fight. I could hear her yelling. She hasn't woken up for a while. Still recovering from whatever injection they gave her I bet. It's what they gave me. 

Then the good boy came in. He was persuaded by them to get in. They didn't even try force. He seemed nice, dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes. He sat right by me, didn't even seem to care that the black-haired girl gave him a look that said straight up don't. He just smiled at me with a big smile. I don't really like him, he seems too chirpy. My parents named me after a demon--Lilith--, chirpy has never suited me well.

Angel's P.O.V.

I was mowing the lawn, a job my older brother was supposed to do. He's sick though, so he can't do anything. I'd sooner believe in getting kidnapped in this neighborhood than him being sick. He's 17 and I'm fourteen. 

My name is Angel, perfect for me. I'm what my parents call a miracle child. They couldn't get pregnant--my brother was adopted, they wanted to be pregnant. When I came they called me "Angel" from the start, they're very religious. I mean, I look the part too. Light blonde hair with sky blue eyes. They say I'm a perfect girl and nothing bad ever happens to perfect girls.

That was before something bad actually happened to their perfect girl.

The van pulled up to me, something dark walked out. I wasn't paying much attention to the assailant than I was to the seven people who were already in the van. Then I was pushed into the car as I heard my father's voice yelling after me.

Luke's P.O.V.

The van had seven other people in it and I only knew one, and he only acknowledged me when he told his friend who I was. So I sat alone with the newest blonde girl crying at my feet. 

Alone, so much like me.

I don't have many friends, especially in school. There's Calum, but as I can see now, we really aren't that good of friends. I have my brothers, but they're older so I don't really see them much. I do see Jack and I get to hang out with him and his girlfriend though. Only sometimes, of course. 

The only person in this van that looks even remotely nice is the one who they just talked into joining us. He's sitting next to the sad-looking one with the dark hair and pale skin.

We drove for what seemed like hours, in that time the crying girl got up and moved to sit in-between Calum and the red-haired girl. Apparently she and the ginger girl knew each other as they said their names. Blondie is Angel and Ginger is Teagan. Now I should probably learn the other five people's names as we are all in this together. Why not know them?

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