Special Ones

Most kidnappings happen by people who are associated right? What makes me so special?


2. Another One

     Remember those times you take a nap and you're in it so deep and for such a great amount of time that you wake up with marks on your arm or on the sides of your face from the blankets and pillows encasing you in a warm, self built cloud of euphoria? 

     Well, this is NOT one of those times for me. While walking out to my car after work I was forced into the tool box in the bed of a pickup truck belonging to a maniac who held a gun to my face and tied  my wrists so tightly together that I have officially lost all feeling in my spirit, soul, and fingers. 

    I cried for awhile thinking of my family, my boyfriend, my future. 

     My body is aching and frozen, my mind is dazed and confused, and my will to fight for my life is at an all time low. Which, I guess isn't such a big deal since it was never that high to begin with. I had always imagined I would go out of this world on my own accord, I am the master of my own domain after all; A domain filled with sadness, anxiety, and constant fear of the world. 

     While starring at the dark rivets in the cold silver lining of the tool box I felt the truck finally come to a stop and heard the cab door open and close. 

    Wordlessly he opened the lid and lifted me out by the plastic tie, cutting at my wrists causing me to let out a pitiful squeak of pain. 

    "Shut it girl, come on." He shoved me off the edge of the truck bed and I got a mouthful of grass and an even more intense pain throughout my body. He jumped off after me and again, pulled me up by the ties to my feet. 

     Through the dirt and rims of tears in my eyes I looked ahead of us at a perfectly normal, well lit, clean building that stood so high it seemed to touch the moon.

     I have to say, this is my first kidnapping but anything I've ever seen in movies, or read in creepy books, lead me to believe I was going to be thrown in a rotten dirty cell or a basement to be kept and slowly tortured until my spirit and will to live was as broken down as my body. 

    We walked in through a double set of heavy metal doors painted black and down a long white hallway with doors lining the walls, each padlocked closed with a silver numbers right in the middle until we reached the next hallway and turned it to be greeted by a lobby of sorts with several different sharp dressed men standing around with drinks in their hands, casually laughing like they're at some kind of formal party. 

    "Ah, Damien I see you've found another one, good work." A silver haired man that looked like he came straight out of Vogue walked towards us with a smile and shook my captures hand. 

    "Where did this one come from?" He asked eyeing me up and down, making me look away. 

   "Mall parking a ways away from here. She was alone, the lot was empty, I wasn't spotted." 

  "Excellent work." He reached into his pocket and handed the man a wad of cash and that was his cue to leave. 

   I stood frozen, heart racing, starring at all the men around me that now had their gaze fixed on me. 

  "Vivian!" The gray haired man yelled after taking a sip of his bubbly drink. 

  "Sir." A tall, thin, woman walked out from behind the bar in a tight black dress with a red lipped smirk that could slice a man in half with one word, 

  "Take our newest edition to the specialist and have her checked out for me please." He winked at me and tilted his glass up slightly into the air, 

  "Welcome to the trade miss...I didn't catch your name?" I starred at him and my throat went dry, no chance you'll be hearing my name anytime soon. 

  "I see." He turned, ignoring my silence and joined the other men in their newly started conversations and the lady took my arm and led me over to an elevator in the corner. 

   We wordlessly rode up 3 floors and the door opened to a grey hallway lined with only a few doors, all open, no numbers, no locks, just bright lights and a sterile smell. 

  "We get all the new girls checked out to asses whether they can be sold and at what price." The woman explained while leading me into the second room on the left side. 

  "Ah Vivian come in come in, looking ravishing as always my dear." A man looked at her and kissed each side of her cheek in greeting, 

  "And who are you?" Everyone in this place with their casual greetings like this is an everyday thing for them, like I hadn't just been kidnapped, frozen, and thrown in the grass. 

   What is my name? My heart was beating in my ears and I couldn't focus to save my life. Which could be a very real danger in my new found situation. 

  "A quiet one, that's good. We don't get many of those here, they go for a lot. Lets get you up her and get you checked out." He patted the chair with stirrups hanging off the side like I was just going to take off my clothes and hop on no big deal. No thanks. 

   He smiled and walked towards me in a frighteningly calm manor. 

  In any normal situation I would be attracted to someone of his looks, tall, skinny, slightly over grown dark curly hair, the perfect cup of tea for someone who wasn't currently about to be "looked at" or who hadn't been kidnapped at all actually. 

  "The more you cooperate the easier it'll be for all of us sweet heart." What a cringe-worthy phrase. 

  "Vivian leave us please." She gave him a nod and a smile and left the room, closing the door behind her. 

   I looked at the chair with wide terror filled eyes as he clipped the ties off and my hands dropped to my sides, blood rushing to my cold fingers. 

  "I told them that brute Damien ties these things too tight. No one likes damaged goods." He put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me towards the chair. I gave slight resistance and he gave it back shoving me harder until I was in the chair. 

   He put my arms in metal cuffed attached to the oddly placed arm rests on the sides of the chair. 

   "This is for your safety and mine darling." I looked around the seemingly normal doctors office and felt a tear roll down my cheek as he began unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them off along with my shoes and socks. 

   My legs were put up in the stirrups and cuffed there before he strapped a seat-belt like thing around my waist.

   "You haven't proven yourself to be the struggle type yet, but they all get squirmy when I begin." More tears flowed, soaking my cheeks as I laid my head back unable to look at what was about to happen to me. 


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