Spoken Word Poetry


9. Suicide

     I've met my fair share of suicidal people and none of them just want to kill themselves to kill themselves. None of them even want to die. They just want the bullying, depression, anxiety, self hatred, and pain to end. It's so sad to see that it has gotten so bad that the only reason it can end for them is to kill themselves. It's so sad to see that people will hurt one an other so bad that they cannot stay living. To see that someone hates themselves so much that they can't change themselves they just want to die. That they are scared of the world and the only thing they aren't scared of is the fear going away.  To see that someone is so down and so sad that they feel like it's necessary to kill themselves to be happy.  Like I said I've never met a suicidal person that just wants to die, they just are hurting so much and they are tired of hurting and see death as the only way out.

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