Spoken Word Poetry


7. Sexuality

     So there is this normality of everyone should like someone of the opposite sex. Not that's changing to accommodate the LGBT community.  I've always heard that sexuality isn't a choice it's something you're born with but I agree to disagree. I know that everyone of whatever sex is beautiful in their own way. Weather that way is physical or not depends.  I disagree with it not being a choice because it is your choice if you want to see the beauty in others. Everyone has the ability to see that beauty but some people are so stuck up on the fact that they are gay or straight or whatever and will not try and see the beauty in someone that they aren't supposed to like. Yes people are born with certain things causing them to see the beauty in certain people but that can change and that's their choice. If they don't want to see the beauty in others fine. Their loss. If they do chose however that doesn't mean their sexuality has to change it mearly means that they are not scared of the norms and want to see the best in people. So if you want to see the beauty in others I applaud you because it's not the easiest thing to admit you want to do.

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