Spoken Word Poetry


6. Self Hatred

     "Why do you hate yourself so much?"  This is a question I get daily. To which I immediately respond with a bunch of reasons but not the main one. You say self hatred is a choice, but is it really?  Our society today talks about being ignorant and confident as a bad thing. So because if this we all have a negative bias opinion of ourselves. We see good qualities as bad and bad qualities as the end of the world. We can't let ourselves be happy with who we are because we are so scared of what society will think. Society has made low self esteem as the norm and high self esteem seem like a crime. As if thinking we look good is the same as robbing a bank. As if we think we are smart and strong almost as bad as shooting someone. So then I ask did I chose to hate myself? Or was I forced to do so to fit in. I see that I have good things about myself but I always say no they are bad and I shouldn't feel this way and punish myself for it. I can't just let myself have good self esteem because I'm so worried about being judged and bullied for it. Being made fun of my good qualities because I allow myself to see them. So my answer in the end is no. We didn't chose to hate ourselves we were forced to. Yes we like to go against the norm and think otherwise to think good about ourselves.  Now a days that's what has to be done. We have to break the social norm until the norm becomes good self esteem and we once again will see low self esteem as an issue that must be addressed instead of supported.

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