Spoken Word Poetry


4. Run Like...

Run like the sky is falling, and there’s no shelter to hide from it

Run like there’s a bear chasing you, and you’re holding the honey in your hand

Run like there’s a pack of wolves trying to attack the hand you fed them with

Run like the sun is exploding, and there’s only one place on Earth that’s safe

Run like your worst nightmare has come to life and is haunting you

Run like the floor is falling out from underneath you and all you have left is air to walk on

Run like hell is coming up and heaven is the only place you can go

Run like your past is coming back to you, and there’s nothing you can do because the only thing that’s holding you back is you.  

Run like a huge darkness is about to envelope you, but you can’t seem to get away

Run like your worst nightmare is right behind you and you can’t find anyway out of the dream

Run like the Flash is trying to save Iris from Savitar

Run like there’s no more music in the world and you’re the only one that can get it back

Run like the wifi has been turned off and you’re going to the router

Run like there’s nothing else to run for but yourself

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