Spoken Word Poetry


3. Parents

     Parents, there they are, always by your side, trying to guide you in the walk of life.  But sometimes, just sometimes, they can get too close to your side.  It makes you want to tell them you can’t wait to move away, to tell them that you can make it on your own, or that you don’t need them to hold your hand anymore.  They get so dang close, so close that they want to know your every move, who you’re hanging out with, where you’re going, what makeup you use, who that boy is...you know what I’m saying.  But as much as they push, shove, and shout, they love you beyond a shadow of a doubt.  

     Those precious moments when you hit your first ball, or ride your bike without training wheels, when you win your first game, get an ‘A’ on your first assignment, when you get into your first honors class, or pass your first final.  Or those moments when you’re at your very bottom, when the glass you have is empty, when you lose your huge tournament, or when you score a goal in the wrong net, when you pass the ball to the other team or get struck out.  They’re always there right beside you, ready to congratulate you, be the first to hug you and they’re the loudest in the crowd.  They support you through thick and thin, with money and sponsorships, with love, kindness, and hope, with hugs, kisses, and protection, with house, home and food.  No matter how hard you try and shove them away, they always come back.  

     No matter what you say or do, they always love you.  No matter how many times you run away or how good you think your hiding place is, they will always find you.  No matter how many times you say they don’t understand, they really do.  And no matter how many times you say “I know” to them, they’ll always know just a little bit more.  Parents are and always will be the people who care the most about you, who love you unconditionally who are there when you are weak and who will fight for you when you are knocked down.  

     Just look at my mom, she may not have been the first person I opened my eyes to, or the one who saw me grow up in the first 11 months of my life, she may not have been there when I cried for the first time or when I tried to walk for the first time, she may not have seen my first laugh or even held me before anyone else in the world, but that doesn’t matter, not to me at least, because she WAS there when I was hit by how harsh the world was, she was there after my first day of Preschool, and was there when I graduated Kindergarten, she was there when I excelled in my classes and when I got in trouble for the first time.  She was there when I first learned how to ride a bike, when I questionably broke my first bone, when I first learned that there were good and bad words, and when I could finally sit in the front seat of the car.  She was there when I needed a family, and that’s what she gave me.  She was there when I had my first piano lesson, and when I first played flute.  She was there when I had my first recital and the first time I performed on stage.  She was there, not because she had to be, but because she wanted to be.  

     So yeah, we may be smothered by our parents sometimes, but as perfect as we think we are, we are more imperfect...but so are our parents.  So think about that before you say “I know” or “Yes mom” with that eye roll.  Because they’re doing the best they can, and in my opinion, my mom is #1 on those ever changing leaderboards.  

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