Spoken Word Poetry


2. Gifts

     Gifts.  What really are they?   According to the always right, Google, it is a thing or item given to someone with no strings or payment attached.  But in all reality, a gift does not have to be an item or object, it does not have to be a payment or favor.  Think about it.  If the gift I gave you today was just a we'll think about the one thing that you would never want.  you'd smile, you'd say thank you, and when you got home, you'd look at it and say "what the heck am I supposed to do with this?"  

     I mean if you really looked at it, tilted it to the side and squinted, it could pass for socially okay, but you don't want to put that up in your house.  So you throw it in a box and say, "maybe next year" when in all reality you'll forget about it.  You're probably wondering why I'm up here talking about this...just stay with me a little longer.  You see, the best gifts given to me, were not those of things, but those of memories.  I remember when my uncles would push a crayon in one ear and pull it out the other, I remember when i'd tell my cousins and aunts to look at what I had made, they'd smile and say "that's great" when in all reality it looked like an animal had made it.  

     I remember when I was told that I was getting not one but 2 more cousins, When I was so overjoyed, and just about a year ago, I found out there were two more on the way.  Those were the best gifts.  Now remember that box I told you about earlier that contained that one worst gift in the world.  Think about it 20 years later, you open that box and you may not remember why the heck you kept it, what day it was given, how long ago, or even what holiday you received it.  But you remember who gave it to you, or if you can't remember that, you remember that it was given out of love and care for you.  

     That's what the real gifts are, not the things, but watching the people's faces light up at their gifts, watching them smile and laugh at their new toys, or seeing the grateful look when they unwrap what they have.  But in all the years that i've been alive, the greatest gift I ever received was given to me by all of you.  It was given to me 15 years ago when you welcomed me into this family with open arms.  My greatest gift of all, was getting a family, and having all of you.

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