Spoken Word Poetry


5. Being Yourself

Being yourself.  That statement may very well be the hardest thing to do in this world.  It means that you, your true self is who you are. 


Not a facade to cover up who you are, not lies to blanket you or laughter to cover pain you're feeling.  It’s not smiles where tears are, or makeup where tear stains have run. It’s not a long sleeve shirt to cover up old scars or baggy cloths to hide your size.  It’s not being popular to fill in the gaping hole that you feel needs to be filled, or surrounding yourself with people so you don’t feel lonely.  It’s not high heels and skirts to make you look pretty or tattoos and chains to make you look cool.  It’s not getting straight A’s just to show your smart or having a Master degree in something that makes you a professional.  It’s not trying to follow in someone’s footsteps just to prove that you can be better or standing in someone’s shadow because you’re afraid to shine.  


It’s when you can dance around in your room with no shame or sing as loudly as humanly possible even though you know you’re bad.  It’s being able to smile and laugh at the silliest things like those cat videos, memes, or inside jokes.  Its like 18 year olds still playing dress up or those adults you see at the pumpkin patch still riding in those little cars for the sake of their children with their needs all bunched up and it looks like they won’t ever get out.  It’s being mad at your best friend and then a few days later forgiving them because you know you can’t live without them (and holding grudges is pointless).  It’s trying a new sport and falling flat on your face because you’re so bad at it, but you won’t stop playing.  It’s being able to change the world because you are dong what you love.  It’s when you go to a restaurant with your best friends and you make fun of the waiter…or you think he/she’s really cute.  It’s walking down the hallway and skipping or running because its Senior year and you’re finally out…or its Freshman year and you have absolutely no shame.  It’s going over to the able that has the kids lone kids and saying, “Hello”.  More importantly, It’s being able to say, “HEY WORLD, THIS IS WHO I AM!” with no regrets for who you actually are.


When you are 100% you, with nothing holding you back or restraining you, no one can turn away from that.  You’ll be valued for who you are, for what you’re capable and what you’re able to do.  You’ll be admired for the achievements you have made and the people that you have helped.  People will be drawn to you, to the positive energy that you put off, to the contagious smiles you always give off, to the radiant light you always give them.   Be who you want to be, because no one will ever fault you when you’re being, well, you.


So go dance in the rain, even if you’re 99 years old!  Go laugh so loudly at a movie that they have to tell you to be quiet!  Go play on the kids equipment at McDonalds when you’re way to big with no shame! (just don’t get in too much trouble).  Go play in the pool, make a goal you’ve never made before, play a sport you’ve never heard of!  Go made a difference to your school, start a club, go to 5 random people and make them smile, run around the hallways and tell people they are loved!  Be that one person that people have to tell to stop tapping their pencil over and over, or the most energetic one in the class that has to be shut up time and time again (like me)!  Be that one kid who is always known to talking to the kids who sit alone, or be the one to make the kid who no one knows, to be the kid that everyone knows their name.  


Don’t ever be ashamed to be yourself…because if you can’t be yourself, then who can you be?

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