Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?


5. Strong Arms

~~Chapter 5:
After two hours of sleeping, Kayla woke up, she was cuddled up to something hard, strong masculine arms wrapped around her, she looked up at Jeff's sleeping face, she blushed. He tried to kill her, yet, when he heard he killed their child, he's been very protective of her. She wondered if it was her, or their child he was trying to protect. THE CHILD! Did it even survive? Kayla couldn't wait any longer, she had to get away from wherever she was, she'd find her way home, eventually. But she had to wait.
A while past and Jeff woke up alone, he panicked.
“Where is she?” he rose from his bed and walked into the bathroom, he heard the shower was on. He sighed with relief. He walked in, not caring what he saw, he'd seen it all before. “Hey, Kayla?” he moved the curtain, she was sitting against the wall, the water lightly hitting her face, he stripped off his jeans and walked in with her, she looked up at him. He grabbed her hands and lifted her gently until she was standing, she was no longer scared of his face any more, if anything she loved his smile now, more than anything she had ever seen. He was beginning to grow on her. She hugged him tightly. He hugged back after a shock, she smiled in his chest. He lifted her head, her green eyes sparkled in the water, he leaned down and kissed her.
(A/N: okay to all of a sudden, Jeff is in love with her. Don't worry I'm just as confused as you are right now, he tries to kill her then falls in love with her. Then again, not even myself knows what's going on in my brain sometimes, and Jeff can be like that although I've read. And also knowing that YOU had just killed your own child can lay a massive weight on someone, I should know, my Aunty had a miscarriage, and the doctors said it was from her smoking, so after she got rid of it, she was in deep depression, and she still is, even though she's now married to her high school sweet-heart, with two kids already.)
Kayla glided within the kiss, sliding her hands along his body, her tongue against his, the water that made them feel wet with each other. She wanted him, badly, she was now willingly happy to take him to bed. To be with him through all hours of the night, until the sun would rise. She became the dominant one, she pushed him against the shower wall, kissing him more firmly. He grabbed her thigh and raised it to his waist, he held her underneath her leg. He gently turned her so her back was on the wall, he started trailing kisses down her neck. Down her chest, along her shoulders, back to her lips. He wanted to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. But he gave it great consideration. He wanted to make sure she was fine with it, unlike last time. He saw a face of a scared victim, not a pleasured lover, that was a face he wanted to see. He wanted to see her face, when they made love together. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She leaned up to him and whispered in his ear.
“I want to” his eye's widened, she leaned back against the wall, she had a small and calming smile on her face, he kissed her.
“Tell me to stop if you want me to” he said to her, she blushed and nodded. He gently pushed his way in, she gripped to his bare back and neck, she groaned slightly in pain. “Want me to stop?” he asked.
“No!” she begged. He smiled at her and started thrusting her up and wall gently, she started panting and letting out little desperate moans. He grabbed her other leg and held it against his waist. He started to go harder. She began going louder. And growing with pleasure.
“I love you” he said to her. Her eye's widened, she had not known the meaning of love, or what it felt like. But she knew what it looked like, and in her eye's, it was Jeff.
“I love you too” he kissed her, just as she started to go louder, he pulled out. “Huh?” she looked at him “What's wrong?” he was panting like hell and turned away from her body. “Are you about to...”
“Please don't say it” she smirked and turned him with a hand on his shoulder, his pale ghost-like face became rose-red, he saw the smirk on her face. He stared at her as she started to kneel don on the ground. “K-Kayla what are yo-” He felt her mouth going back and forth. Her hand was holding on tightly. He tried to get her off but gave up at the climax. He leaned his head back and panted, and moaned to himself. “Kayla, I'm about to...” he couldn't hold it any more, he released everything he was building up, he looked down at her, she was covered, over her face and breasts. He loved her so god damn much, but he didn't want to rush her or force her into any thing. He smiled and stroked her head.


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