Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?


1. School

~~Chapter 1:
The bell rang as it hit 9:00am in the morning, Kayla dashed through the school gates and into the yard, she threw herself through the doors and ran through the halls to her role call. She stood panting and wheezing as she opened the door.
“Miss Woodburn, your late, again!” she looked at the teacher.
“S-sorry Sir!” she ran to a desk and sat down, she placed her earphones in and turned on the radio. She placed her head on her arms on the desk and looked out the window while she was listening to a song. She was about to close her eyes until the song was cut short.
“We apologise for this disturbance, we interrupt this program to give you an important message, all people in the Northern Region of Orleans, murders have been constant amongst teenagers, reports shown seem to report a boy with a white hoody and back hair running around the area, everyone in advised to never walk out at dark or alone during the day”. Kayla sat up quickly and looked into the distance of the landscape behind the window, she could have sworn she saw someone that matched the description on the radio, she rubber her eyes and they disappeared. She pulled the earphones out and packed up as the bell rang for class.
She walked through the halls to her locker, people barging through her, pushing her to the side, and pulling her with them occasionally, she finally reached her locker. As she shut the locker door she jumped as her friend Conner was standing there with a Were-wolf mask.
“Jeez Conner! You gave me a heart attack!” she held onto her thumping heart.
“Awe come on Kay Kay, it's Halloween, it's that time to scare people!” his words ran chills down her spine. He removed the mask and placed his hand on her shoulder. “So I'm having a party tonight, you can come if you want to?” she snarled.
“Conner you know I don't do parties”
“Exactly and that's also the reason why you haven't had a boyfriend since you started 8th grade.” he laughed. “Come on, you could meet someone!”
“I said NO!” she slammed her hand against the lockers and walked away.
As Kayla walked out the building to the demountable classrooms, she noticed the same person as earlier, standing outside the school gates, he lifted an arm and waved slightly at her, as the football team raced past her field of vision the boy disappeared again.


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