Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?


4. Saviour

~~Chapter 4:
Kayla woke up in a cold sweat, her abdomen was bandaged up along with her hands, and she was in a room. Surrounded with...........
“Posters of naked women, this must be his room.” she got up, she was wearing nothing but a white non-blood stained hoody. A clean hoody. Amazing. She saw the door begin to open, she sat there as the boy walked in with a tray of food.
“Hey, listen I haven't introduced myself. My name is Jeff, Jeffery Woods. But I mostly known as Jeff the Killer.” she leaned her head to the side and cracked her neck. He walked over towards her and leaned over her. “I suggest that you try to keep a low profile here. My friends aren't exactly nice to new comers. But if you can prove your like one of us. They'll treat you like one of us. Okay?” she nod her head as he placed down the tray of food on her lap. “Eat!” she looked at the tray on her legs, the heat from the eggs and bacon burned trough the plate and the tray through to heating her legs.
As Kayla finished her dish, Jeff grabbed the tray and gave her a heed warning to not open the door to anyone and he walked out. She got up and looked around his room, apart from all the posters magazines and Vaseline in his room, she found a range of books, non-porn books, books that had actual words. They were dusty and old, she enjoyed these types of books, she blew off the dust and opened the leather covered, wooden cover, the pages were thick and heavy on her fingers, the tone of the ink was flawless. She heard a knock on the door, her gaze leaped towards it.
“Jeff! Hurry up everyone's waiting to go on our killing spree!” she froze in terror, she dropped the book and ran to the bathroom. The bedroom door sprung open and a boy with blonde hair walked in. “Jeff?” he noticed the book, half open on the floor. “Jeff doesn't read normal books” he looked at the bathroom door, and noticed a shadow moving behind it. Kayla jumped in the shower and closed the curtain, she sat on the ground hoping he wouldn't see her, she quickly threw off the hoody and threw it on the ground in front of the shower. She sat there, cold and still bleeding. Her blood trickled down her body and onto the patterned tiles beneath her.
The blonde boy walked into the bathroom.
“Jeff?” he said, he noticed the hoody, and the sitting figure on the ground behind the shower curtain.
Kayla panicked quietly, shaking, that was until...
“Ben? What are you doing in my room?”
“Jeff! Wait but...” he looked over at the shower, he pulled the curtain to the side, no-one was there. Just blood.
 “Who was.....”
“Tsk Tsk Ben, I think you've been playing to many video games” Jeff grabbed his shoulders and guided Ben out of his room. Kayla stood behind the bathroom door, breathing in pain due to her injuries. Jeff came back in to see her, she was pale like a ghost, and shaking like an earthquake. Jeff took off his hoody, it WAS freshly clean until he gave it to her. He wasn't wearing a shirt underneath, she couldn't help but stare at his abdominal muscles. He covered her and quickly picked up her small and frail body and carried her back to his bed. She had barely any muscle or blood in her now. She moved around to much that her wounds opened back up. He quickly reached over to a drawer and pulled out a tube with two needles on the ends, he stabbed one into a vain in his arm, he sucked on the other end until he tasted his own blood, he then jabbed it into her arm, she quietly shrieked in pain.


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