Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?


2. God Save The Queen

~~Chapter 2:
Kayla sat in class, wondering if what she saw was real or not.
The end of the day came around, finally. Kayla walked out of the gates, the sky became dark with storm clouds. After about 10 minutes of walking she noticed she was being followed, she didn't look back, just kept walking faster, faster, faster until she started sprinting. She had the feeling that whoever it was, was still following hot on her trail. She took a sharp turn down a path. She had to stop to take a breath, she looked behind her, he was walking towards her, she had to keep going. But she couldn't get very far, luckily she was near her house, she struggled to race to her house.
She slammed the door shut and leaned against it. She panted as she slid down the door to the ground, her mother and father stared at her.
“I was......followed” her parents' eyes widened.
“WHAT!?” her mother snapped as she got up from her seat and checked outside, no-one was there. Her father ran to the back door and locked it, along with the kitchen windows and the living and dining room windows and doors. Her father ran and grabbed his Rifle from his gun closet. “Sweet heart go upstairs and have a shower” her mother said calmly.
Water poured down Kayla's body, she placed her head on the wall, as she turned off the water, she reached out the shower curtain to grab her towel, which was strangely missing. She peeked her through to find a shock. The boy that followed her was sitting there holding her towel, with a bloody smirk on his face, his hair was jet black, a hoody stained with blood and eye's that stared down her soul.
“You want this? Come and get it!” his voice was deep, but soft. She couldn't believe that his voice was sexy. She took a step out of the shower showing everything of her. He stared up and down her body and seemed to like what he saw. “Aren't you a good one?” he said to her. She started crying and lunged for her towel, he dodged her and grabbed her arms, holding her against the wall, her face slammed against the tiles. “Don't struggle” he licked down her neck “It will only make me want to do this more!” she panted and gasped as he ran a hand down the front of her body. She started moaning as he massaged her, he sucked on her neck, leaving marks. He drove a hand towards his jeans and undid his belt. He pulled her towards the ground and bent her over so she was on her hands and knees. She was fully crying at this point. He unzipped his jeans as he inhaled her scent, her tears raced down her face, she had the urge to scream, but as she opened her mouth nothing came out but a moan of pain, eventually that pain turned into pleasure, her body was pushed against the cold tiles, which became hot, her body was covered in sweat.
After some time he gently carried her to her bed and layed her down and placed the covers over her. He smiled to himself and kissed her forehead. She opened her eye's slightly and watched him as he climbed out the window of her room and jumped down to the ground.

(A/N: Now I know your probs thnk'n How could the parents not hear all that, that is a good question, well think, this wouldn't be a good fan fiction with a love story if the parents got to involved, those who write stories like this would understand)

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