Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?


3. Encounter

~~Chapter 3:
After Kayla was followed home, her parents started picking her up and dropping her off at school. A week past after the incident with that boy, she was always a nervous wreck when she would go to bed, or when she woke up, it would be because it was that image that was all that was in her head, she didn't want to tell anyone, she wouldn't even talk to Conner any more, he was like a brother to her, they've known each other since they were in Diaper’s. But she kept everything to herself, ate lunch alone behind the school, sat at the back of the classrooms, not involving in class activities, even skipping lessons, but who could blame her right now. Within the last week, she got a call from one of her closest friends parents saying at they found her mutilated and scattered across her bedroom. He strikes again, not to mention her Grandmother died from cancer as well as her Grandfather. She was like a bad luck charm at the moment.
As Kayla was on Skype with an old friend who she hadn't seen in years cause she moved away from California to New Orleans, she opened up to her, her friends expression was blank and disgusted.
“KAYLA! YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS TO THE COPS!” her friend almost slammed on the desk so much that the laptop nearly fell off it.
“I can't, I don't want my parents to think that they failed at parenting”
“But they did and you have to show them that!”
“I can't!” just then her bedroom window opened and the boy climbed back through it.
“KAYLA IS THAT HIM?!” Kayla looked at him as he walked over to her and the computer.
“Sorry Kayla's gonna be busy for a bit” just like that he turned off her computer and leaned over her. “Hello gorgeous” he said to her, she sat there scared. “Don't be scared of me, after all I was gentle with you when I last saw you” (HE WAS BEING GENTLE!?) her eye's widened. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of her chair and pushed her onto her bed.
“What are you-” she caught a quick breath as he kissed her. She flushed as he pulled back slightly. He chuckled.
“Your cute when you blush” she went completely red. He chuckled again and leaned in for another kiss, she turned her head to the side. “Whats wrong?” he asked.
“What do you think is wrong?! YOU MURDERED MY FRIEND, STALKED ME, RAPED ME, AND YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST COME BACK TO ME FOR MORE!!!!???” she snapped as she pushed him off her and onto the floor.
Her mother and father heard the thud on the ceiling, they looked at each other and dashed up the stairs.
“KAYLA!” her mother screamed.
Kayla was fighting with this boy, she punched him with all her might in the face, he became angry.
“I don't care if your a girl...” he pulled a knife from his hoody “I should have done this last time, but I was blinded by pleasure, I hope you know you were my first time as well” her eye's widened “Such a shame I have to kill you now” she gasped as he lashed at her, she just dodged but still got cut, the blood gushed from the wound on her hip. He came at her again, this time she grabbed the blade as he stabbed her with it. She groaned and hissed as she pulled on the blade, her fingers sliced, his temper raged through his entire body.
“ I hope you realised...” he calmed down for a moment “...that you just killed your child!” he pulled out the blade and stood back.
“What?!” she held her stomach as she knelt on the ground.
“You got me pregnant you idiot, want proof, look in the bin” she pointed to a metal bin next to her desk. He walked over to it and scabbed through it to find a positive pregnancy test. His eye's widened as he dropped it on the ground, he raced to her and picked her up carefully, she carried to the window. “What are you doing?”
“Taking you with me!” her body trembled, she hated heights. He opened the window and placed a leg out it. The door knob started to get shaken.
“KAYLA!” her mother screamed again.
“Hold onto me” the boy asked her, she gripped to his hoody. Her father bust down the door just as they jumped down. They hit the ground with a thud, her father looked out the window as the boy carried her off and over the fences into the dark woods. Her mother started crying as she held up the pregnancy test up to Kayla's father.

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