Supernatual lover


1. one

Erik's POV

If you see her ,run .

Do NOT let her get close to you.

Don't look her in the eyes.

Don't fall in love with her .

I grow up with the tales of a Beautiful woman who can bewitch men with only their eyes, she is a scubas ,or so the stories say

Personally I don't believe in the supernatural

"Erik get your ass down here"

"Fuck off "

"ERIK! "

"Fine I'm up are you happy now big sis"

I reluctantly got out of my bed ,got dressed,and walked down stairs to the kitchen where my bat-shit crazy sister was cooking breakfast

"Do you always have to wake me up ,Lana "

"Well it was nesasary for two reasons ,one it's your first day at high school ; not to bring it up but I think you having a Pervy dream "

"What the hell makes you think that " I said slightly pissed at my sis

Then she rolled her eyes and gestured to my lower regain

'Damn it'

"I may not be a boy but you can always ......"

"I'm never going to talk to you about this stuff "I interfered

"Ew gross I was going to say I may not be a boy but you can always tell me when you need guidance and I can call one of my guy-friends "


"Besides why one earth would I want to hear about that shit ,use your brain you jack ass "

" shit I sorry "

"Apology excepted , now get your ass to school "

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