My Favourite Dance Routines

Growing up, I suddenly developed an interest for dance but due to health issues was unable to pursue it meaning a dream had gone down the drain. However, on YouTube, I watch a lot of dance competitions and conventions and it is from these that I witnessed some dances that have stuck with me constantly.

With YouTube links, these are my favourite dance routines that I discovered from watching competition videos as well as random recommendations.


1. Welcome Message!

Hello everyone and welcome to my book. I'm Alice and I'm here to confess to you that I love to watch dance competitions.The story goes that my interest in dance peaked to an all-time high last year and would constantly follow lots of dancers on their social medias and see what placing they got at events and what solos they had been choreographed. Sadly due to health issues since birth, I had no opportunities to learn dance so therefore I took up other hobbies instead.

This is a book on my favourite dance routines that I have seen on YouTube. Some of them are from conventions such as NUVO or 24/7, others aren't from competitions at all. Rather they have come up on my recommended videos to watch list. This will be divided up between competition and non-competition dances and each part will have the YouTube video linked so you can go and watch it.

Hope you enjoy this book, I haven't seen anything like it on Movellas but being 18, does watching dance make me look like a baby?

Alice x    

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