Scary sleepover

Pretty Little Liars Writing Competition(Write a story about stalking. It can be scary, thrilling, or mysterious; you alone decide the plot and the fate of the characters.) Jenny went to her school and invitees her friend to come and have a slumber party at her house. They were all really happy to come to her party. But what happen when your friend notice something wrong with the house and told Jenny? Will Jenny believe her friend or herself!? [All rights goes to Pink unicorn, and the cover goes to Beautifully Music Nerd]


2. at the sleepover

when it was night, 8:00 pm Lisa and Angel came to my house "Hi guys!" I welcomed "hi jenny" the said, "come Inside of my house" i offer. We watched scary movies. Later at midnight, we all fell asleep in the living room. I then feel someone pulling the blanket from my shoulder to my toes. I didn't look because I knew it was Lisa and Angel. I then wanted them to stop because I was cold. I then opened my eyes and saw something scary. 

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