Got7 fan meeting

Finally! I got tickets to go see my favorite group in the whole world! Got7! I live in America and they don't come here very offten so this was so exciting I couldn't even put it into words. When I got to the concert I won a chance to meet all the boys. I didn't know yet but this was going to change my life. Forever.


1. Birthday present

I open my eyes with a jolt. Today is my birthday, which means my mom is up already making me breakfast like she always does when someone in the house has a birthday. I get out of my bed and grab my phone to check on any news on got7's concert/fan meeting tonight. Even though I know I am not going I like to see the things they will be doing. I sign as I see that they are sold out still. I throw my phone back on my bed and start getting ready for school so that I can go eat breakfast.

*Downstairs in kitchen*

"Good morning mom!" 

She set a plate with waffles in front of me.

"Good morning! Happy Birthday!"

I smiled, thanked her and began eating my waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. She set a small box next to my plate and I looked up to see her grinning from ear to ear.

"Open it." She said, still grinning like she knew a secret.

I slowly put my fork down and took the lid off the box and my jaw dropped to the floor.

"How.... really?.... there is no way!" I stuttered. There is no way I am actually looking at two tickets to the Got7 concert tonight and a pass to go meet them.

"Your 15 now, and I know that you love them so I got you some tickets." 

I was speechless. I couldn't wait until tonight. I will finally get to meet the people I love so very much! 

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