Solider Boy come home

I never knew that losing someone could hurt so much...until the day my love set off for war and promised he would come home. He kept his promise but he also killed me along with it.


1. The walls

“They need me again to search outside the walls.” I turned to face Eren as I was cooking breakfast for the both of us. “They need you again really. When are they going to give up? The Titans are all gone aren't they?” I asked as I turned back to cook and hide my disappointment that he was leaving again. He was silent as he shrugged. I heard his footsteps as he walked toward me and hugged me from behind and kissed my head. “Don’t worry Levi. I promise I’ll come to see you again just Like I always do.” I turned to face him once more and he gave me that same smile I had so many times before and I felt safe again.


    I nodded and kissed him gently on the lips and looked up into his big green eyes. “You better come home shitty brat.” I mumbled upset that he was leaving as he chuckled. “Yes, sir I will.” He went up stairs and got out our old uniform putting on his old survey corps jacket and his 3DMV gear and headed out the door. Once he left the house felt so cold and empty and I didn’t like it.

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