Solider Boy come home

I never knew that losing someone could hurt so much...until the day my love set off for war and promised he would come home. He kept his promise but he also killed me along with it.


2. Mission at hand

I left the house glancing back at the house were I knew Levi would be waiting for me to come home and it made me smile. “Eren come on we're about to head out.” Erwin called out to me pulling back down to earth. “Right sir! Sorry about that.” I got on my horse and waited for instructions.  “Everyone is going to split up outside the walls and go in different directions and check to see if the titans really are gone for good.” I nodded and so did the others.

    We rode out side of the walls and all split up just like the plain was. I rode for awhile with no signs of titans when suddenly I saw something moving off in the distances. I rode over to trying to make out what the figure was. The closer I got the more easier the details of it were to make out. “No...that can’t be right...we killed them all...didn’t we…” I felt my heart rise into my throat as I grabbed my hand and bite down hard on my thumb waiting to turn into a titan. I closed my eyes tight and jumped off my horse causing it to run off back to the walls. I sighed with relief for a bit. ‘Well if this doesn't work at least they’ll come looking for me right?’I tried to calm myself down as I tried to bite my arms and other parts of my hands but saw that nothing was working.

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