Solider Boy come home

I never knew that losing someone could hurt so much...until the day my love set off for war and promised he would come home. He kept his promise but he also killed me along with it.


3. Home Sweet

I sat down at my table and drank my tea. The days seemed to pass by slowly but surely and all I could think of was Eren. “Just a few more days until he comes home to me.” I smiled a little at the thought of seeing that smile again. It made being away from him that much easier to go through my day not to mention I knew that Mikasa would be with him so he had to be safe. More days passed and soon it was one day until Eren would come home. I stayed up all night and then rushed out side the next day as I watched them all come back in with happy faces on. I scanned the crowed half expecting Eren to run into my arms and hug me and kiss me but he never came.




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