Solider Boy come home

I never knew that losing someone could hurt so much...until the day my love set off for war and promised he would come home. He kept his promise but he also killed me along with it.


7. Good bye...

20 years had passed and I moved on or so I thought. I became a French teacher at a college and life was going good. Then one day as I was walking over the bridge that I always took to get home. I stopped and looked at the calm waves crashing up against the shore as I griped the rim tighter. ‘I could jump right now and they would never know…’ I told myself and climbed on to the railing as I looked down at the water again.

    That’s when a boy walked by and bumped into me. “Oh sorry sir I didn’t see you.” He smiled at me with the same smile that he had given me before. “Eren...i’m coming home…” With a smile on my face I stood up and let myself fall into the river.

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