Solider Boy come home

I never knew that losing someone could hurt so much...until the day my love set off for war and promised he would come home. He kept his promise but he also killed me along with it.


5. Cries for help


I ran up to Erwin and screamed at him “Where is he!” Erwin looked at me confused. “What are you going on about Levi everyone came back safe and sound just like I promised they would.” I shook my head. “Oh yeah, then where the hell is Jaeger!” His face grew grim as he checked all his men and then it hit me and him that Eren was still out there. “Men get back on your horses Eren is missing! No soldier left behind!” He called out and I hopped on the back of his horse ready to head out with him. We all got quiet as we heard a bloodcurdling scream. “Eren!” I screamed and jumped off the horse and ran toward the walls gate.


    I kept running as I screamed “Open the gates! Please open them!” I waited as they opened the gates and I ran outside picking Eren up in my arms. “Eren…” He looked up at me and smiled a little. “You found me...Levi..” I smiled and brushed his hair out of his face and kissed his forehead. “I kept my promise to you Levi...I came home to you..” I smiled and nodded as I held him tighter. “You did baby...good job…” I kissed him softly as I started to cry. “We're going to fix you up don’t worry.”

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