Enna Part II

Part two of the adventure of Enna


3. Chapter Seven: Hunting


He was exhausted.

He lay at the top of the hill in between Curri and Wanna trying to recover his strength. Both of them had come into season at about the same time. Both gave off the scents of doe ready to breed. He had bred both of them, repeatedly. It had been an interesting Season, at least to him. He had no idea what Artose and the rest of the senior males was doing, and right now he did not care.  Both doe were still sleeping and leaning next to him. The only scents he smelled now were that of two doe that had been well bred. At least with these doe, he hoped he would be around to see his fawns born in the spring. The only discomfort he felt was from inside where her felt ready to burst.

"Wham," echoed from far away.

Killing sticks but not near them. It sounded like it was coming from near Helscom's herd. He would not feel pity if Man used a killing stick on that deer.

"Wham," he heard again from far away, but a different direction.

He slowly got up trying not to disturb the sleeping doe and walked away into the bushes and emptied himself. Feeling hungry he started to eat at some of the ripe berries on the bushes whose leaves were already starting to turn brown. They tasted delicious and seem to put energy back into his tired legs and sore loins. He wondered what old Narna would think of him now, assuming she was still alive. His father had always bred only one doe, his mother. He had two and had not had to fight for either. This filled him with a degree of self-satisfaction he had not felt before. He had seldom felt so alive as he did now.

"Wham," echoed again. This time both doe started to stir.

He turned and faced the direction the noise had come from. It did come from near Helscom's herd.  He could see it from the open top of the hill. Neat the forest he saw signs of Man.  There were Man caves, and smoke from Man's fires. He thought he could hear dogs, but he was not sure. One thing he was sure about, they were not hunting here.

"Enna," Curri called out getting up. She quickly moves away from their bedding area and she too emptied herself. Wanna got up right behind her and did the same. They both came over and started to eat some of the berries and leaves of the plants near them. They ate in silence filling themselves until he heard again.

"Wham" came again.

Both doe cringed lower by instinct.

"Do not worry, Man is not near here," he told them. He then looked around. They were in the open, but Man was too far away to be able to use a killing stick on him.

When they had finished eating both doe came over to him smiling. "I feel good," Curri said and nuzzled him gently.

“Me to," Wanna repeated and did the same.

"Thank you," he said to both of them and slowly rubbed both their noses in affection. "You both have made me feel very happy."

"What do we do now," Wanna asked with a yawn.

He looked around him. "It is still light. I do not like to move around with Man in the forest or nearby. I think we stay here until night and then go to the bottom of the hill to drink. Then I need to see something."

"What?" Curri asked.

"I need to see if Man is going to hunt here. I must do that alone so I will leave you only for a short while and be back."

Both doe looked worried. They were not stupid and at least understood the threat of Man.

"Do not be worried. Man does not hunt at night; I will be safe. I need to see if we will be safe tomorrow and for this I need to be alone."

Both doe did not look convinced, but accepted what he said. He was not going to try to explain what he was going to do. They would never understand. Instead he went over and lay down in a fresh spot of open grass. Both doe came over and lay next to him. He liked the feeling of warmth on both sides of him. It was not long before they all fell asleep again.

After drinking their fill in the stream, he hurried off toward the end of the forest closest to Helscom's forest. He approached quietly looking for threats. Man was not the only hunter in this forest.  He picked his way slowly through the trees avoiding making any noise. He continued to sniff the air looking for danger. Other than the smoke from Man's fires, he smelled nothing. As he got closest to the end of the forest he did pick up another scent. It was Lancin. He moved to come in downwind of the big deer. He got within few lengths of him, before her heard the male call out.

"Come Enna, it appears safe," he heard the deep voice.

He walked over to the big deer standing just inside the trees.  His rack was large, and he looked strong. He decided to be friendly and as he approach he asked in a low voice. "Are you well?"

"Yes," Lancin answered not taking his eyes off the Man caves. "I saw you go off with your two doe. Did you have a successful Season?"

"Yes," he told him. "I am content. What about you?"

"I found three does on the meadow. Two herd males tried to challenge me. That was hardly an effort beating them. I just bred all three. I do not have feelings for one or two does like you, Artose, Mersin and Percin has. I still like to get my doe from the herd. There are less complications," he said.

"Suit yourself" he said. "What of Man?"

"I can hear Man shouting like he always does. I can also hear dogs. The only good things are they do not appear to be hunting here, and the wind is carrying the smoke of their fires and the scent of burning deer away from me."

"My father told me Man likes to burn his meat before he eats it," he said. "He and I never understood why."

Lancin turned to face him. "I do not understand either, but they do. The smell is awful."

His and Lancin continued to look for a while. Man looked like he would hunt again in Helscom's forest again tomorrow. He was glad it was not here.

"I have seen enough," Lancin said. "I need to tell Artose what I saw."

"I will come with you," he said and they both left as quietly as they came.

They both went back to Artose who did not know what to make of the news. "Last Season, they hunted here for many days," he said. "We lost many deer. This year they hunt somewhere else. It seems strange."

"Maybe Helscom has done something to anger Man, like he angered us," he suggested.

"I do not know what Helscom could have done to anger Man," Mersin added. "Man seems to take no notice of anything we do."

"Well Man is not hunting here," Percin said. "If that is the case, I am happy no matter what the reason."

He looked up at the solid covering of trees. Though the small hole in the branches he could see the sky lightening. "The greater light will soon come. I am going back to hiding during the day until I am sure Man is gone."

"That is the wisest thing to do,” Mersin said. With that he left the hill and found Curri and Wanna at the base of his hill. He finished eating the grass that grew and some acorns. Happy, they all drank from the stream and all climbed his hill. The greater light had come up before they got to the top.

"WHAM!" sounded and it was close by.

"Down," he said and they all fell to the ground like stones.

"WHAM!" came again. It sounded close, maybe the from the herd male meadow.

It was then he heard the yells of Men nearby them. The yelling went on for a while and then quieted down.

"Enna, what do we do?" Curri asked shaking.

"We stay still and we do not move," he whispered to both of them. "If Man does not see us, Man cannot kill us."

They waited huddled together until it was late in the day. From time to time they heard the killing stick sound, some close, other further away.  Late in the day they heard several killing sticks over by Helscom herd again. When the wind direction shifted so it blew from that place, he could hear dogs barking as if chasing something. There were more killing stick noises that did not stop until it was dark. Only then did they get up, empty themselves, and then eat some berries and grass from the top of their hill. By then it was fully dark. He looked in the direction of Helscom herd and saw several large fires lit my Man. Besides the shouting of Men, something else was carried by the breeze, the smell of burning deer meat. Only after the lesser light rose did they come down to the forest. He headed straight for the senior males. He met Galand at the bottom. He was alive, but nervous looking.

"I heard the noise of the killing sticks," he said to Galand.

"I know," Galand told him. "Somehow Man got on the edge of the herd male meadow as the greater light rose. There were still a few deer on the meadow. Man killed three of the herd."

"Anyone we know?" he asked.

"Stern, a nice size four-season male, but not big enough to be a senior male. Man hit him at the shoulder and he fell on the ground dead. I saw it from my hiding place."

He did not know Stern which was just as good. "Man also killed many deer in Helscom's herd. From the top of my hill we can smell the burning deer meat."

They heard motion from above as the senior males came down the hill. Everyone greeted each other thankful they were all still alive.

Lamoc spoke first. "How many did we lose?"

Garland explained what he saw and they he told the others what he saw and smelled from the hill. It was not pleasant to hear, but he knew it could have been much worse.

After hearing what everyone said, Artose asked him. "Can you see the Man caves from the top of your hill?"

"Barely, but I can see their fires, hear their shouting and their dogs, and smell what they are burning. It sounds like many Men. If they hunt here tomorrow, then all the deer have to be off the meadow before the first sign of the greater light."

"I am worried they will bring the dogs," Mersin said. "If so, they can chase any deer they want."

"There is nothing we can do about that," Artose said, "Except hide the best we can."

Belar then asked, "Do you think we would be better off if we went to the other side of the forest and hid there? That is furthest away from Man?"

"I do not know," Artose said. "It is hard to say what Man will do."

Artose then looked around at the others and suddenly got very serious. "There is only one thing we can do. We will have to send deer to watch Man. This will be dangerous because Man can come from any direction. Any senior male that is seen by Man will be killed by Man. Galand will you and Enna watch from the part of the forest near the open space to Helscom's herd. At the first sign you see Man approach the forest, you bellow as loud as you can and then run back here as fast as possible. Belar, you and Lamoc go to the other end of the forest and do the same thing. If you see nothing, do nothing, only call if you see Man. Lancin, Guan, Mersin, and I will stay here. If we hear your warning, they will run and tell the herd to hide.

"I can do that, but I want Curri and Wanna to stay here with you," he said.

"That would be fine with me," Artose said.

"We need to go now to get there before light," Galand said.

He turned to face his two mates. "I want you two to stay here with Artose and the senior males and their mates. If Man comes, run with Artose and hide where he tells you to. I will see you after the greater light is gone."

"Be careful," Wanna said.

Both Galand and he moved quickly through the darken woods. They still had to be on the lookout for other predators, but the important thing was to get where they needed to be by the time the greater light rose. Once there was light, they would have to stay still or Man might see them and both of them knew what that meant. They ate some on the way over, but he was still hungry when they got to where he fought Morkin. From there they slowly crept forward until they could see into the large open field. Across the open space, they could see the Man caves, and smell the odors of burnt deer meat and dogs.

"We can see well from here," Galand told him.

He looked out at the open sky. "Yes, we still have some time before the greater light rises. Let us find something to eat and drink. "

Galand and him looked around and found some grass and leaves. There was not much water. Both had to lick dew off the leaves to get any water inside them. He then emptied himself in the forest. Full and mostly satisfied, they both went back to their viewing space and hid close to each other.

They both got down low and looked at the Man caves. Just before the greater light rose, he saw lights go on in the Man caves. Soon Men came out. He could smell them burning something, but it was not deer. They also saw them going and talking to the dogs who started to bark loudly. He had no idea what they were doing. It was just as the greater light rose that several Men and dogs got into some Man animal and left. The other Men stood got together and went into Helscom’s forest with the dogs. He could hear the barking of dogs and the yelling of the Men. Most of the Men went inside the forest, but not very far. He could see them at the edge.

"I think Man is going to use the dogs to chase out the deer into the open and Man will use his killing sticks on them," Galand whispered. "Artose has told me about this before."

"I see many killing sticks," he whispered back. "If they see us, we are dead."

As soon as it became full light he started to hear should from inside Helscom's forest. HHIIIII YAAAAHEEYYYY," he heard over and over. The barking of the dogs also increased. They were chasing something.

They saw a herd male run out of the forest almost directly toward them. He ran in a straight line as fast as he could for a while. Then two Men raised their killing stick."

"WHAAAMM, WHAAAMM," sounded. The nose was so loud his teeth shook.

The male seemed to be lifted up and thrown onto the ground. After that he did not move. Unfortunately, he was only the first. They watched in increasing horror as more deer ran out of the forest and died almost immediately. Some of the males were large, and looked like senior males. All ran and all died. It continued for a while, but at least they saw no sign of Man coming this way.

Then off in the distance he heard the calls of two deer. The noise came from this forest. "That is Belar," Galand whispered. "Man must be here."

They continued to watch the killing in front of them when he heard the killing sticks again, only these came from longer away. They were in his forest. They both heard the killing sticks many times. Now he was worried. If Man should come into the center of the forest to find Curri and Wanna along with Artose and the other senior males, then the same thing would happen as they saw in front of them. There was nothing they could do about it. They had to stay put or end up like the deer from Helscom's forest.

By the time the greater light was high overhead, the killing stopped. Man had come and picked up the dead deer and took them to the Man caves. Man looked to hang the dead deer up from their rear legs and then cut them open. The smell of blood and death they could smell from where they were. It was not pleasant. Both he and Galand were sick. The killing sticks noises also stopped from inside their forest. He hoped Man was satisfied with his killing and would leave.

The killing slowed down, but from time to time he hear killing sticks from inside Helscom's forest. At least they were no signs that Man was coming to where they were. Later in the afternoon, both he and Galand fell asleep and did not wake until the greater light was almost set.

"Let us go back," he said. "I do not want to smell more burning deer meat."

Galand nodded and the both got up and slowly moved back into the deeper forest. As soon as they could no longer see the Man caves, they turned and went back to the hill where the senior males lived. It was dark before they got there. No one was there yet. They took the time to drink and bathe. Both want to wash any scent off of death off of them. When they got back he saw Curri and Wanna there along with some of the senior males and their mates. Both Wanna and Curri ran up to him as he approached. He kissed them both and went to Artose.

"Man did not come into our forest where we were," he told the herd leader. Man did kill a lot of deer from Helscon's herd. I think some of his senior males were killed."

"We did hear Balar, and the noise from the killing sticks," Galand said.

"I know," Artose said eagerly looking to that part of the forest." I have heard nothing from either Balar or Lamoc. I hope they are alright."

"They are senior males and are wise," Mersin said. "If any of us could avoid Man, they could."

"I am just happy Man did not come this far," Lancin said.

They all ate near the hill that night, but Balar and Lamoc never came back. When the greater light rose, he felt that they would never come back. After the great light rose, Artose looked up. "Mersin and I will go look for Balar and Lamoc tonight," he said.

They all ate and as soon as the lesser light rose, both Artose and Mersin left for the deep forest.

"I hope they find them," Lancin added. "Both of those deer are good friends. I would hate to think they are dead because of what Artose told them to do."

Both he and Guan looked at Lancin. They have never heard him criticize Artose before. The other senior males said nothing. He spent the night with his two doe eating to make up for his hunger today. Curri found some walnuts and acorns and he ate those along with some grass. He was filled. They spent the rest of the night talking about Man, how he hunted, and what he might do tomorrow. The rest of the senior males knew as much as he did about Man's plans, which was nothing. It was not until the lesser light set that he heard noise. He smelled Mersin and Artose approach. He watched them and saw they were walking slow with heads low.

"We found two spots full of blood with the scents of Balar and Lamoc, they are both gone," Artose said and walked away.

"It looks like Man brought dogs with him," Mersin went on. "We followed the scents. The dogs chased them into a doe meadow where Man was. They were both killed there. Two of the doe saw it."

Lancin turned away quickly shaking his head. "Not worth it," he thought he heard him mumble.

"Lancin," Artose called.

"Not now," Lancin spat out and walked away into the night.

That left the rest of them there. The senior males went up the hill. He took Curri and Wanna and walked back to their hill. There was nothing more he could do here and he wanted to be well hidden by daylight.

Galand came up to him and whispered in his ear, "That could have been us."

"I know," he told him. "We were just luckier than they were."

He spent a fitful day trying to sleep and not succeeding. He could not get the images of both Lamoc and Balar out of his head. How many times had he spared with Lamoc, and now he was gone. At least he did not have a doe he stayed with all of the time.

The day also brought new sounds of killing sticks. Most of them came from Helscom's forest, but he heard a few from his forest. Man was continuing his hunt. Nothing was heard near him, but every time he heard a killing stick sound, he flinched. Come the night, Man again lit fires and burned deer meat. The shouting was very loud that night.

He led both Curri and Wanna down their hill again and ate the grass and nuts around their hill. After eating and drinking, they went over toward the senior males. As they got closer he could hear voices. Two deer were arguing.

". . .and that is why I think sending more of us to look at Man is foolish," he heard Lancin say in a loud voice.

"Then how do we know where Man will go," Artose said.

"We do not, and we listen. We have already lost two of us doing this, we cannot lose any more. We hide during the day and hope that will help."

"And the other deer," Artose came back. "What about them?"

"They will need to hide," Lancin came right back. "If you want to call the herd together and tell them what to do, that is fine, but I do not think sending any more deer to look out for Man is wise."

The three of them walked up behind Galand and he asked in a low voice. "Why are they arguing?"

"Artose was thinking of sending more deer to look at Man to warn if he come near. Lancin is saying no, we already lost Belar and Lamoc."

He had to agree with Lancin on this one. There were not that many of them left. Losing one or two more would hurt the herd. He went back to listening.

"What happened to Belar and Lamoc was bad luck," Artose argued. "Both were well trained, they should not have been killed."

"Well they were killed," Lancin told him. "We make our own luck. Part of that luck is not to risk deer without good cause, and I do not see that here."

Artose looked at both Galand and him. "I send Enna and Galand out and they came back."

Then he saw all eyes turn to him. He felt compelled to answer. "The reason nothing happened to us is because Man did not send his dogs after us. If he did, then things might have been worse."

"Are you agreeing with Lancin?" Artose asked now showing aggravation toward him.

"NO!" he said loudly. "All I am saying is we are alive because Man ignored us for one reason or another. If he would have sent dogs after us, then I cannot say what would have happened."

Guan looked at him and nodded. "I must agree with Enna on this."

"Then what do we do?" Percin added.

Mersin spoke up clearly. "We call the herd together and tell them to hide deep in the woods during the day until they hear the killing sticks stop."

Artose looked crossly at Mersin and then turned his back on all of them for a moment. "Fine," he said. "Let is call the herd together, but I think they already know that much."

With that the meeting broke up. Lancin, Percin and Galand went out toward the herd male clearing and started to bellow out loudly and call the herd together.

 Curri, Wanna, Guan and he followed closely. He knew about gatherings, but never seen one before. Delos never called one, and neither did Ellis. He guessed they never through it was necessary to tell the herd what was on their minds. It took a while to get all the deer together. The lesser light was high overhead before Artose spoke.

"I have called the herd together because of the danger of Man. He has killed many deer in the forest near us, and he has killed several deer here including Lamoc and Belar."

There was murmuring around the herd but no one spoke up so Artose went on.

"May also has dogs to chase us. During the day, we must all hide. To do that, you must all seeking hiding places deep in the forest. We do not think Man will go there, but we cannot be sure. No matter what you do, if you are chased by dogs, do not run out into the open. That is a sure way to die. Try and get behind Man and his dogs and then run away. Remember stay out of the open."

"How deep into the forest should we go," one of the herd males asked.

"As deep as you can go," Artose said. "The harder it is for Man to find you, the better the chance that Man will not find you."

"How long will Man stay," another herd male asked.

"We do not know, continue to hide until two days pass without hearing the killing sticks. Then you will know Man is gone."

There seemed to be no more questions. Artose looked around. "I said we lost two of my senior males, Belar and Lamoc. I have two new senior males I wish to present to you. Guan many of you have known since he was a fawn, and Enna who came to our forest a short while ago. Both are strong and have been trained by me and Mersin. If they tell you something, it is like hearing it from me. Thank you all for coming, now go hide yourself."

Well that did not take long he thought. He turned to face Curri and Wanna. "We will hide on our hill. I do not think Man will find us there."

"We will follow you," Wanna said.

He turned to look at Artose. He still did not look happy. He moved quickly out of the clearing and into the forest alone. He hoped Artose was not mad at him. He led his doe back to their hill and hoped they be alright there. Just in case they slept within the bushes and not in the open.

That day passed also in fitful sleep. There were more noises from the killing sticks coming from Helscom forest. It seemed if Man was making an effort to kill every deer in that forest for some reason. He also heard the distant sounds of barking from his forest. Although the dogs barked as if they were looking for deer, he heard no sounds of killing sticks from their forest. Maybe the herd here had listened and hid in the deeper woods. Man did not find them.

That night after eating berries and leaves again, the three of them went back to Artose's place. All were happy that there were no more deer lost. It was well after dark and several were still eating when a gray owl flew over and rested on a nearby tree branch.

"Artose," it hooted. "Many deer from the other forest. They ran across the open area after night."

Artose looked up. "Thank you Ontha, do you know how many?"

"Many," came the answer.

With that the owl flew away. "Could they be coming after run away deer again?" Percin asked.

"They could just be running for their lives," he answered. "Man has hunted heavily in that forest."

"We should still all go just in case they start trouble," Lancin said.

"I agree," Artose said calmly. "We will leave our doe here and all go. If they have just run away, we will leave them alone. If they want trouble, then they will find it."

He turned again to Curri and Wanna and smiled trying to show things were alright."You two wait up the hill here. If we do not come back by morning stay hidden in case Man comes here."

Both doe nodded and followed the other up the hill. The seven of them headed toward the edge of the forest where he had watched the Man caves before. They were going by the herd male clearing when he smelled other deer. The others picked up the scents too. There were many, far too many to count.

"I do not know those scents," Guan said."

"Spread out," Artose told them. "Do not let them get behind us."

They walked slowly toward the increasing scents. What he smelled were not familiar scents. Many of the scents were doe.

"Ho there, who are you?" he heard Galand called out.

He saw one large male, three doe, two yearling males with immature racks approaching, and several fawns. He waited and stepped out in front of them. They seemed surprised.

"Who are you and why are you here," he called out to them.

All six deer jumped up and started to run away. They looked more scared than anything else. They did not look like a threat to him.

"Stop!" he heard Artose call out loudly. "We will not hurt you. We want to know who you are and why you are here?"

"I will not hurt you," he called after the fleeing deer.

It did not seem to do any good, all the deer ran from them and toward the edge of the forest. He heard the other senior males around him and slowly they walked toward the edge of the forest. The other deer ran from them almost in a panic. If those deer ran out into the open, there was no telling what would happen. He decided to try something.

"STOP!" he called out loudly so he could be heard from a distance. "Do not run into the open. We will not hurt you. Come to us."

A moment later he heard Artose call out the same thing followed by Mersin and the others. They all slowly walked forward. Just at the edge of the forest he saw them. Several deer and all clustered together. The one nice looking male with a decent rack stepped forward. The rest were doe, this year's fawns, and yearlings. All looking frightened.

"Do not run into the open," Artose repeated in a lower and calmer voice. "Man and his dogs will see you."

"We will not hurt you," Percin called out again.

The deer stopped running and they all approached. As the senior males came together he finally saw, there were many deer. They were exhausted, fidgety, and scared out of their minds. Many were hanging their head low panting as if trying to recover from a great effort. Off in the distance he heard the dogs barking.

"Why are you here," Artose repeated in a low voice. He was trying to show no threat.

The oldest male stepped forward. The nice size male was trembling in fear and he did not think he was afraid of them. "We are running. Man came to our forest. They are killing every deer they can see. They are chasing us with dogs and using killing sticks on us. I do not know how many of us are gone."

"Where are your senior males," Lancin called out.

"Gone," one of the doe almost shrieked in fear. "Man came and chased them. Man used his dogs to chase us into the open where they used killing sticks."

"Where is Helscom?" he called out.

"Gone," the largest male said. "The dogs chased him down. He was fighting with the dogs when Men came up and used their killing sticks on him." The male then stopped for a moment as if horrified before he added. "Two men came and cut him open. I saw it. It was terrible."

"What of Morkin?" Guan asked.

One of the smaller doe stepped forward. "He fled from us and was chased by dogs into the open field. Then Men used their killing sticks on him."

"Is this all of you that are left in the herd?" Artose asked.

"We do not know," the largest male said. He now noticed the male was shaking.

"We all fled our forest before we were all killed," a larger doe said. "Man wants us all dead. It was run or die."

"Stay there, do not run into the open," Artose said. The herd leader then motioned for all of them to come to him. Once they were all together he walked away from the other deer."

"They are frightened almost out of their minds," Percin said. "I have never heard of Man hunting like this. It seems he wants to kill all the deer in that herd for some reason."

"I have seen nothing like it," Mersin told them. "The question is what do we do with them?"

"We have to do it now," Artose said. "It will be light soon and if Man and his dogs see those deer, they will come into this forest and do the same thing to us."

"We keep them here," Mersin said. "We tell them to hide here. If Man does chase them into our forest, hopefully Man will not go anything further than here. If Man does not chase them, there is food enough here to feed them."

"Wise as always," Artose said. "Anyone else have anything to say?"

As far as he was concerned, Mersin's idea sounded alright to him. "I agree," he said.

Artose slowly walked up to the deer. "All of you hide in this part of our forest. If Man comes after you, go that way," he pointed with his nose. That direction led away from the open field with the Man caves, but not toward the rest of their herd. "After Man has left, we will talk again."

"Thank you," the largest male said. This was followed by other deer thanking them.

"One thing," Mersin added. "Stay well away from the edge of the forest. If Man's dogs smell you, Man will come after you again. Find resting places away from the open field and try to hide. Now go, soon the greater light will rise and Man will be about."

The deer seemed to nod together in relief. They had come from Helscom's herd and were not used to being treated this kindly.

"We must go," Artose said. "We will see you after Man leaves."

With that Artose motioned them to follow him. Once they were far enough away from the deer not to be heard he stopped. "What do we do with them?" he asked.

"We hope Man does not follow them to kill them," Mersin said. "If they survive, we bring them into our herd. We have the space to feed them."

"At least Helscom, Morkin, and those other senior males are gone," Lancin said. "Man did us a favor there."

"Man never does any favors for deer," Mersin added.

They all went back to their resting areas.


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