Kristi is not an ordinary kid. She doesn't have ordinary parents. She doesn't have an ordinary yard or farm either. And it's her 11th birthday...


3. Chapter Three----A Weasley

I'm a Weasley, mum was Hermione Granger(Muggle-Born☺️) and dad is Ronald (Ron) Weasley (Pure-Blood😎). So Charlie(18), Daisy(14), Vernon (12), and I (11) are all half-bloods. My cousins (Albus, James, Lily) are either half-bloods or pure-bloods, I have no idea.

Being a Weasley is fun. Uncle George comes over for the 4th of July and brings his store's special fireworks.

The rules have changed in the Wizarding community. Here is three;

1: Wizards under 17 may practice magic if in a Wizard Town OR not in the sight of muggle(s).

2: Sons or daughters of Death Eaters will be questioned, and so will their children at the age of 13.

3: Muggle activities can be done by wizards if is in the sight of muggle(s).

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