Kristi is not an ordinary kid. She doesn't have ordinary parents. She doesn't have an ordinary yard or farm either. And it's her 11th birthday...


6. Chapter Six-----Hogwarts

"Kristi we will write once a week ok (dad rolled his eyes), or at least I will.",mum whispered in my ear.

"Ok mum. I love you dad, love ya mom.Say hi to the Grandparents for me.", I said hugging them both.

"Kristi! Over here!", Scorpio yelled from by his parents.

I waved, the moms waved, the dads scowled. I walked onto the train behind Scorpio and sat in a compartment with Albus, James, Scorpio,Daisy and Vernon.

"What houses do you twerps want?", Vernon said, pointing at Scorpio and I.

"I don't want Slytherin, to be honest. I want to be in whatever Kristi is in.",Scorpio said.

"Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.",I said.

The train lurched forward and we bought some Chocolate Frogs and Burt's Every Flavor Beans and Butterbear.

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