Kristi is not an ordinary kid. She doesn't have ordinary parents. She doesn't have an ordinary yard or farm either. And it's her 11th birthday...


4. Chapter Four----Diagon Alley

"RONALD!!!", mom yelled,"STOP STANDING AROUND! IT'LL BE PACKED IF WE DON'T HURRY!!! In the car kids."

Mom had bought a "Muggle Transportation Device" When Charlie was given his acceptance letter. It was a mini van.


When we got to Diagon Alley, Charlie ran through the crowd to find his "troop" of friends. Mum and I went to Ollivanders' to pick out a wand. I had to try about seven before finding the perfect wand (Cherry, Unicorn Hair🦄). Then we went to the robe shop, then to Weasleys' Wizard Weases.

"Uncle George!" I yelled when I saw him.

"Pumpkin!",He exclaimed as he hugged me," Hey Hermione."

"Pleasure to see you today. We need a gift for Charlie.", mum replied.

"How about some Muggle stuff? Doesn't he work at the same place as my dad?", George asked.

"Department of Muggle Artifacts and Studies. He said he loves that Muggle 'magic' kit, but says he's on a tight budget.", I blurted out.

"2 galleons and a sickle please.", George said.

Mum took the box of the shelf, had it wrapped (🎁) with a bow, then payed George. I hugged him then walked down to a café where we were supposed to meet back up with dad. I ordered a hot chocolate and a s'more. Dad sat down next to my left, Daisy to my right, then Vernon to dad's left, then Charlie and mum. They were all holding bags and boxes. We had a little snack there then went home.

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