Kristi is not an ordinary kid. She doesn't have ordinary parents. She doesn't have an ordinary yard or farm either. And it's her 11th birthday...


8. Chapter Eight --Classes

"Because it's raining and my instruction manual is soaked, you can brew whatever you like, just don't kill the rest of us." Prof. Baconsen exclaimed.

I had memorized many Potions so I simply threw in the blood of a Blast-Ended Skrewt and Mandrake leafs and a strand of unicorn hair. The water turned grayish blue, then purple, then clear or white.

"Well done Ms.Weasley! You have succeeded in brewing the Pricking Potion! One sip and you start feeling like you have been pushed against a cactus for half an hour. 20 points to Gryffindor!" Prof. Baconsen shouted for the whole school to hear.

Then, the door creaked wide open and Prof.Longbottom walked in.

"Stella, do mind if I borrow Miss.Weasley?", he said.

"Oh of course Neville. Kristi, please go with Mr.Longbottom." Prof. Baconsen replied.

We stepped out of the room.

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