Love In The Darkness

Can you actually fall in love with a mafia heir that will soon marry you if you find out his darkest secret in your darkest hour?

***Ashreigh was the only one from the Leighton family who managed to survive the major assassination in their manor. Her parents' car burned into ashes with them, she was showered with a shot, and the mansion wrecked down like a fallen glass of water that killed a lot of servants.

Her tragedy gave out a new beginning. A new life that will soon start to be written in her book of life.


3. Darkness Two: Man of Monochrome

Reading the contract paper that my parents had signed, I felt that a part of my past hasn't completely forsaken me.

I was still jailed within their decision and expectations. That pressure from before had never offered me to rest assure and now, they actually wanted me to marry a complete stranger who looks like a part of some kind of syndicate.

"And... I was suppose to marry you?" I asked. As if saying the whole conclusion of a stupid story.

"Its what's written. Don't you want an arrange marriage?" He asked.

Why is he asking in a straight forward way? I don't know if I would say either a yes or a no because in the first place, I don't even have any idea how and why it happened.

"I- I don't have a clue. How about you, do you want an arranged marriage?" I asked back to share the pressure of decision making with him.

But the man still replied with a straight face. "Honestly, I don't like it." He answered.

I nodded, but inside I was rejoicing in success after hearing that he didn't like it. "I think I feel the same way." I agreed.

"Yes, marrying a stranger is really dangerous." He continued.

I second the motion. "Right."

"That's why I've decided briefly but surely within the last minute. I hope you would agree." He said and paused, waiting for me to reply.

He would trash that contract up? "Sure thing." I replied without a second thought.

"Good, then I hope we get along for the incoming days of your stay here."

For a moment I had his words stucked up in my mind processing like the slow internet connection that buffered while I watched on youtube that made me have a second of pause before standing up in surprise.

"Wait what?!" I asked.

"Starting today, let's get to know one another, so that in the day of our marriage we wouldn't be thinking of ourselves as complete strangers." He explained.

"Huh? But I thought you didn't want an arranged marriage?!" I protested, more like a complain.

"Right, I don't want an arranged marriage. That's why while you're here, I would take time for my courtship."

I felt my jaw dropped from his sudden action. This man is clever, I didn't even saw that rebut coming. I thought he would give up about the contract, but my expectations are completely the opposite of what he did.

"Courtship? I don't understand." I said bewildered.

"You have been innocent and conservative in your own way miss Lewis, that's why I've came up with an idea that I should have you by means of romanticism. I don't want you to feel forced."

"H-how did you know my name?"

"You're my fiancé, so why shouldn't I have the right to know your name?"

I don't get it. He said he didn't want it. "Do you think that would work?" I asked.

"Do you think it won't?" He asked back.

"I don't know."

"Then by any means, I also have no idea. That was why I wanted to try and work it out." He said.

I sighed. "I'm sorry. I took you into a wrong impression. I thought another kidnapper caught me." I honestly said and smiled lightly to give him a civil acknowledgement.

"Then forgive our sudden intrusion over your personal life." He said nicely but still his face was showing me an 'I don't care' expression.

"Then, since its-- I think-- settled... Can I go to my school now?" I asked.

"But you're already late." He said back.

"Better than never." I sighed.

"Then let me accompany you. You're accident prone so..." He paused.

"So... What?" I asked. I'm used being called an accident prone, because aside from my tragic past, I used to get kidnapped by some random people who wants to become millionaires.

"Forget it, shall we go now?" He simply lend a hand and I accepted it as he lead my way outside his manor.

And from this dull and scary home, we went out. He pulled me towards the garage door where numbers of different kinds of vehicle lined up, but like the color of his mansion, his transportation is also black.

"Can you wait for a moment?" He asked.

"O-okay..." I said.

He carefully let my hand go for a while like my hand was a fragile piece of treasure and removed his black suit and his tie, opening a secret door next to the wall where I saw black and white clothes hanging. He took a black jacket in exchange of his coat but he didn't bother to change his white polo.

After that, he returned back to face me with a new aura. Someone cool and 'gangster' like with just a change of coat.

"Shall we?" He asked.

"Yeah... Sure." I replied as he took my hand again to lead me towards a motorbike that made me a bit taken aback.

Of all the cars he's got here, why a two wheeled vehicle? And I am wearing a skirt in case he didn't notice. He got up on the motorbike and looked at me. Waiting till I have no choice but to helped myself up behind him. And since the motor was a bit high for me, added that I'm also wearing a skirt. He helped me up two, almost lifted me like a kid that it felt a bit embarrassing so I just avoided his way of looking at me.

"I... I've never ridden a motorbike before..." I shyly admitted.

"Then I suggest you hold on tight." He advised and stepped on the gas that gave me a cue to hold on around his waist.

"Is this safe enough?" I asked to make sure, since my hold was just on his waist to give both of us some personal space even in this kind of ride.

"I don't know." He answered back at me and started the vehicle that suddenly flashed out of the garage. I was quite surprised by the sudden run, I coiled my arms around his waist and had easily forgotten about personal spaces.

"You're so fast!" I said.

"You only have ten minutes before you get to your second subject." He replied back.

"How did you know my next subject?" I asked.

"I happened to come at the same school as you do." He replied.

And with that little talk, he stopped the car and we are already facing the school's gate.

"Already here." He announced and put off the breaks, helping me getting down of the motorbike again.

"Umm..." I stood for a moment facing him while he sat on his vehicle.

"Is there anything else you want, miss Lewis?" He asked.

"Well, talk about... Stranger, you actuall haven't told me your name yet." I admitted looking down.

"Then may I have this moment for introduction?" He asked and got off his motor to face me.

"Sure." I nodded.

"Just call me El." He said and patted my head all so sudden that made me looked up at him, meeting his grey eyes that I couldn't help but admire.

"E-El... Its nice to meet you." I said. "Well, I- I better get going?"

He blinked and removed his hand from my head, giving me a nod as I turned my back at him and ran inside the school gate. And when I looked back to think that he was already off, I was a bit surprise when I saw him standing still and watching me enter the campus.

Although I find it weird and creepy to meet a guy-- who was my fiancé-- so sudden, at the same time it made me feel that its the same pressure when my parents are still alive, but this was kind of the most interesting thing that they ever did. Thinking that they've even signed up a contract to pair me up with such kind of gentleman?

It may be like my parents to introduce me to their business partner's sons, but its not like them to even needing to sign a contract to which I would be wedded to that was why I didn't believe at first sight.

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