Love In The Darkness

Can you actually fall in love with a mafia heir that will soon marry you if you find out his darkest secret in your darkest hour?

***Ashreigh was the only one from the Leighton family who managed to survive the major assassination in their manor. Her parents' car burned into ashes with them, she was showered with a shot, and the mansion wrecked down like a fallen glass of water that killed a lot of servants.

Her tragedy gave out a new beginning. A new life that will soon start to be written in her book of life.


4. Darkness three: Manor's Life

I woke up with the uncomfortably new home I'm in. Everything was so sudden and I couldn't get myself to believe that this is actually happening even though I knew that it was the truth.

But I shouldn't be minding this one to influence my personal life. I stood up and felt the cold morning hugged me with a shrug as I made my way to the bathroom preparing for the incoming class. Although I'm not used waking up without the help of my alarm clock, this one was just different since I only got a nap that midnight.

And after putting my school uniform on, I ran downstairs and went straight to the kitchen.

But unlike my old flat, I forgot that they actually have servants in this house. I forgot that I wasn't alone anymore and it felt really uncomfortable after my years of getting isolated in my house, I suddenly moved and find out that I'm living with my strange fiance.

Finding out that there are actually servants serving the food for us, I just left the kitchen and went to the wide hall where the marble reflected the ceiling. The light Gave a shine that the floor had been polished and the staircase had been wiped without the trace of dust. Again I rounded my eyes over the surrounding of this beautiful palace-like mansion. It made me suddenly missed my parents.

I sighed, groaned a complain over such reminiscing and sighed again. It's not my house anymore. I'm not alone anymore and most of all, I have to pretend again. I have to settle myself in pretending and acting like I'm the vulnerable back then. Fake up a smile, fake up the gentleness and all. I always have to pretend.

The moment the thought had ran down into my system, I turned towards the closed double door where the exit lies. I moved my feet towards that direction and held the ice cold knob with both my hands. It made me shrugged as I twisted it open as the blinding heat of the bright morning illuminated right in front of me. I tilted my body side wards like as if I dodged something coming and slightly closed my eyes, letting my long lashes cover my sensitive orbs as I tried to make my eyes adjust to the welcoming sun.

When my eyes had cleared up, I finally fixed my sight and turned towards the front yard. As usual, it was intimidating and outstanding at the same time. My eyes filled the tranquility until my attention turned towards the fountain. It was wide and circular, in the middle was a lone angel holding a sphere in his left hand and the other one is raised in the sky. He was gazing up as though he was really alive and lonely. Till it occurred to me that the angel had a bead of tears flowing in one of its eyes.

It made me blinked and watch such a man. He was surrounded by white lilies and the water flows down in his feet. His white paint had grew molds and moss coloring it up with black and green spots. Although the sight was boring, it made me feel the same feeling... sadness. The art had possessed me to join its loneliness over my pretentious action as I stared at it. Like how he looked forsaken by the heavens above him. It made my eyes shed tears.

"He was a legendary warrior angel." A voice spoke behind me that made me turned towards the owner of that cold voice, finding that El was staring up at the same structure as I was also staring up to. "A writer said that after the war between the angels and demons he was left here on earth because he had his wings impure." He continued.

"Impure?" I repeated feeling my voice croaked a little as I wiped my tears.

"He had a black and white wings. His left wings was colored with black and his right wing was still white. The legend had said that his left wing accidentally slain a demon half and its blood corrupted the wings making him impure." 

"Why can't he go back to the heavens?" I asked.

"Because if he went up to heaven, his black wings will just bring him back down. The sky rejected the coming darkness that conquered his wing." He answered.

"What was the ending of the story?"

"He cut his black wing with the use of that sphere he was holding. But the wings became the demon that he slain and it killed him. Nobody helped him until the very end of his suffering." 

"That's really sad."

"You're the first one who cried without knowing the story of that angel. In the previous times, people only cried when they knew the legend behind it."

I turned to him and sniffed a bit after crying. "The artist must have also cried over the story." I said. "I can feel how sad he was when he made this one."

"The sculptor was my older brother. He used to read that book and he decided to create the character on his own when this mansion had been bought." He said. "And you were right, he said the story had put him to tears every time he read it over and over again."

I blinked twice and stared back over the sculpture. I used to love art. I had a room back to the mansion where I used to paint random things that suddenly floods out of my mind. It was also my self proclaimed library and my writing room. I used to spent my little free time whether reading, writing or drawing. Sometimes I spend the night painting without sleep and my parents had scolded me over it. The locked that part of the house up saying that those 'rubbish' aren't worth time spending.

"My parents told me that if I used my free time with doing what I want, I'm not being productive." I said. That may be the reason why I felt lonely like that statue of the angel. "I was restricted to enter the place I call my real home and instead I have to cut the little freedom I had and make them do what they wanted with me."

"That was why you don't like this engagement." He suddenly straightened that made me suddenly felt ashamed and guilty.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be offensive." I bowed my head lightly to hide my embarrassment.

"I am not offended. Don't worry about it." He said. "That was your struggle so I have to understand. I don't want you to hate me so I am trying to make you not to."

I looked at him puzzled as he uttered the words. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"I want both of us to know each other and understand each other's point of view. In that way, we won't end up as cold as anyone who's gone through engagements. Miss Lewis, I believe I shouldn't keep this secret so you won't feel insulted so I am to confess that I am still broken in heart. My lover had left me the week before you were taken here." He said still straight face. 

"So, you took me here in exchange of her?" I asked.

"That was my first idea, but after I saw how much vulnerable you are I promise I won't put that kind of reasoning again. I will do it not because I'm desperately trying to get over but because I was trying to know you better as my half." He suddenly hooked my hand with his as he made me turn towards his direction, making me blush as I stared at his eyes. His grey eyes solemnly stared at me like it was peeping though my soul with the use of my own eyes making me feel my tummy not in ease. "Allow my to take care of you. Is that okay?" He asked.

I swallowed a little as I felt my face blushing. "I- I don't see a reason why not..." I said embarrassed.

His serious face twitched into a slight smile making me feel that he became more admirable. How easy it is to take me up with such words and confession. It suddenly made me feel stupid of myself that I want to shout about how stupid I look to submit so easily. He rose my had slowly and give it a slight kiss.

"Oh come on love birds! Breakfast is waiting. But take note, its not sweet because the salt is dominant in the dishes!" I was surprised over the sudden taunt that made both me and El turned towards the persona who 'interrupted' us. 

"Caile..." El uttered a bit annoyed over the man's presence who I think was the one who drove the car that kidnapped me yesterday.

"What's wrong? I'm just passing by to greet you happy breakfast." He said with a smirk and continued walking towards the dining room.

I just gave a sigh and blinked before turning my eyes towards El.

He also turned to me with his serious face and gave as smile. "Shall we?" He asked. I just gave a nod and allow him to lead the way towards the dining room as he held my hand lightly.

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