Little Sky - A Collection Of Short Stories

Every writer has random ideas for a new story, but not all of those ideas can be transformed into a complete book/movella.

So, here I am, trying to convert some of those ideas into short stories.



4. The New Guy

The New Guy



Oh my god, I can’t wait to get home, hopefully the pizza that I’d hidden under the salad is still there… I stared at my food, lost in my own world, when I heard chairs scraping, and tired grunts coming from my friends.

"Hey Lil, how’s the first day gone till now?" Blaire asked in a tired voice, and as soon as I looked up I noticed two things: There’s a new guy with Blaire and Meghan, and he’s freaking hot. Megan’s rapidly texting someone and mumbled a distracted ‘Hi’. So, he’s the one every girl’s been gossiping about…and he’s sitting at our table! Before I had a chance to reply, the hot stranger cut-in, “I thought you said that your friend is hot, Blaire."

“Excuse me?” I stared at him in disbelief as he gave me bored look, “I don’t think you have the right to comment on my looks, when you yourself are looking like a sloth.” I said, trying my best to not look affected by his comment. He chuckled and shook his head, “I think you mean irresistible, but it’s okay if you want to live in denial.” Ignoring him, I answered Blaire, who was obviously enjoying the small banter going on in front of her, “It was going alright, till now,” I said, while glaring at him, “I didn’t know we were allowed to have jerks on our table, whose next? Kimberly?” I muttered under my breath, annoyed.  He's just another playboy, too arrogant of this looks… what a pity.

“I can hear you, you know,” He said arrogantly, as he smirked at me, “But, it’s not your fault, you know, blonde girls are dumb.” Oh my god, what is his problem? I was about to say something very bad and mean when Blaire stepped in, “Whoa, easy there love birds, we're not here to cause any fractures, all right? Now, he's my friend Lil, he's new to Fern, and you need to shut up Will, don't annoy my best friend,” She huffed, as she glared at us, “You both need to chill, alright? My head hurts from all those formulas. Ugh, I hate math.”  A friend? I need some serious social update, “Are you replacing me, Bleh? With him?”, I made a disgusted face at him, as I used Blaire’s nickname, which she hates more than pimples, “I don’t know if I should be hurt or feel sorry for you, but oh well…” I shrugged, as I took a sip of my apple juice. Blaire just rolled her eyes, and Will just looked mildly amused. Huh, talk about being shameless. “Okay, stop the bickering now, both of you, before any of us gets hurt. Geez, you two fight like an old married couple.” Blaire said, annoyed. 

The jerk stared at me, with the same bored expression on his face, and I studiously ignored him by staring at my food, and occasionally taking a bite. Blaire went to get us sodas, since that’s the only trust-able and edible thing available in the cafeteria, and I was again staring blankly at my food, lost in my own world, thinking about how much I wanted to read right now, when Will leaned in and pinched my nose, “Ow! What the hell?” I rubbed my nose, and glared at him, “You had an idiotic look on your face.” He shrugged, as if that explained everything. “Well you look like an idiot all the time, but I’m not attacking you.” I rolled my eyes, and got up to go to my next class.

Ugh. It would be hard tolerating him.

 “You know you should be working, it's lunch time, waitress, I need food." Will smirked, as he called me by the nickname he had given me a week ago. Oh no, not again, I thought that he would leave me alone after I made it perfectly clear that I don't want to talk to him.  “Do I even look like I care about what you need, Will?” I gave him a bored look, as I opened my lunch, Chicken sandwich? Again? Ugh, mom and I need to have a serious talk about food, real soon, I was lost in my own world, again, as I started eating my food.

“You have that idiotic look on your face, again. Are you thinking about ways to kidnap me and stuff me under your bed, so you can look at this gorgeous body whenever you want?” he said in a fake excited voice, while winking at Kimberly, the gossip queen. “Okay, you know what-” Suddenly, he stood up, cutting me off, and grabbed his backpack, “Save it for later, I think Kimmy wants some help with her…uh…homework.” He smirked arrogantly, as he made his way over towards her table. Yeah right, the only thing that they’re going to study are each other’s lips, I shuddered, disgusted by both of them. Yes, as cliché as it sounds she's that girl who knows everything about everyone, captain of the crappy cheer leading squad, gorgeous with her implants, always surrounded by the popular people, cool parents who are major show-offs and loads off money. And to top that off, she always got what she wanted, and she wanted Will. Am I in Mean girls now? Well I for one didn't care about her or Will.

I need to get away from this hormonal war… geez can't they just do this in private, I mentally gagged, when I saw them making out as they left the cafeteria and decided to avoid touching him the next time that we meet and started making my way towards the parking lot, where my friends were waiting for me. I was again lost in thought in thought when I bumped into a very hard chest, and being the clumsy mess that I am, fell right on my butt. Well, that sure is a good way to bring me out of my thoughts, I giggled to myself as I looked up to apologize and was left staring with my mouth hanging open. Dear mother of chocolate cake and KFC… those are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen… I was staring at a guy who was easily 6’1 with a lean build, black hair and the eyes bluer and deeper than the Pacific Ocean. I wonder if I could swim in them…

“Hello? Are you okay?” He said, looking concerned, as he helped me up. Oh boy, what am I doing? I closed my mouth and schooled my awe-struck expression, into a calm one.

“Y-yeah, I'm fine-I'm perfect,” I stuttered, “I’m sorry I-I wasn’t looking…”

“Oh it’s okay, I was in a hurry too,” He said, smiling sweetly. “What’s your name? I don’t think that I’ve seen you around here before.” Wow, his teeth are so white…and straight...oh snap out of it, Lily, stop acting so hormonal!

“I’m Lily-not Lilly, that’s the flower, my name has only one L, Lilly, the flower has two Ls and I’ve always been in this school…not always, I do go home to sleep, eat and watch TV…I think I should shut up now…” Oh god…why can’t I just shut up for once? Watch TV? Really? I mentally slapped myself, and avoided meeting his eyes.

“I think you look really cute when you blush, Lily,” He emphasized on Lily, as he smiled boyishly, which resulted in little dents forming on his cheeks, He has dimples?! Is he trying to kill me? “See you around, flower.” He winked at me as he walked away, and I was left swooning in the corridor. Those eyes…

And the reality of what just happened sunk in.

 Oh holy mother of pancakes! Did what I think happened really happen? Oh, I need to tell this to Blaire! I hurried towards the parking lot and the first thing I saw Blaire was smiling. No, not at me…she was smiling at something that Will had just said. Ugh, I thought that he was going with Kimberly to do their ‘Homework’. I approached them with a sour expression on my face. Since when are these two so buddy-buddy?  

"Hey! Where have you been, Lils?" Blaire said looking angry and worried at the same time. Well I couldn't blame her, I was twenty minutes late. Suddenly, my encounter with cute guy came rushing back to me, and even Will-The-Jerk couldn’t dampen my excitement now. Maybe I can shorten Will-The-Jerk toWTJ…

 “Hello? Will-The-Jerk? Lily?” Blaire snapped her fingers in front of my face. Damn, did I say that out loud? Oh no…WTJ is staring at me with that stupid smirk on his face, I wish I could slap it off... I sighed, keeping my violent thoughts aside; I replied, “Nothing…uh-I have a lot on my mind. And I have to tell you something, in private.” I emphasized on private, and glared at Will.

 “Oh, but you can say it here...what's wrong?” she frowned, seeing my Are-you-kidding-me? Look. This girl is unbelievable! Is she really that oblivious to the fact that I strongly dislike WTJ? I don't know why but now I was just plain tired from this disliking. He’s obviously not affected by my insults… I guess I’m just wasting my time and energy. He's one of those super-charming-but-with-an-arrogant-attitude kind of boys. Where's Kimberly anyway? Isn't she worried about him sitting with two girls? Three actually but Megan was busy typing away on her iPad, making no effort to join the conversation, whatsoever. Perks of being from a rich family, I guess, they don't really care about other's drama. But she's different, just a bit moody.

“You know what? Talk to me when you're not tagging him along with you like a lost puppy, Blaire.” I said, annoyed with her and WTJ and left. What's wrong with her? She's supposed to be my girl friend, not his! 

 Then it hit me.

 Oh my god! Are they attracted towards each other? Why didn't I piece it together earlier? Way to go, Lily, way to go…But he's not good for her, he was flirting with Kimberly, and he's too arrogant, maybe Blaire doesn't know that! I have to save her from his charm, but first I need to confirm this…I need Meghan’s help! She’s good with gathering information. Distracted and flustered, I started my walk home. Maybe me and…oh my god I forgot to ask for his name! This day was not going in my favor. But I was determined that I won't let WTJ in Blaire's head. I have to be by her side at all times, or at least whenever she's with him. I can't let my best friend fall for this egoistic guy.


The End

Author's Note:

Hey guys, sorry if you found this chapter totally random, it's an old one that I just edited and improved a bit. The next chapter will be better than this one. (Hopefully, haha) :D



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