Little Sky - A Collection Of Short Stories

Every writer has random ideas for a new story, but not all of those ideas can be transformed into a complete book/movella.

So, here I am, trying to convert some of those ideas into short stories.



3. The Loss

 The Loss 

*My one chapter entry for Strange the Dreamer Competition*


“You don't smile these days, sunshine. You know how I feel about you being sad.” Dad said, looking worried.

“Dad,” I whispered hopefully, thinking that maybe the past week had just been a nightmare after all, “I-you were gone, y-you left me and mom and Sean, w-we thought-" Being the blubbered mess that I am, I started crying, not because I was sad, but because there was finally hope, hope for my family, hope for my future. 

We were at our favorite picnic spot, the secret lake that all four of us had found during our holiday in Wales. The clear water and fresh air helped me calm down a little, and I finally looked at my dad properly. He looked so calm and real, almost glowing like an angel, as if he never had a heart-attack a week ago, as if he had never left us. I hugged him tightly, maybe to calm myself down and make myself believe, even for a second, that he's never going away again, or maybe I knew that it was the last time that I'll be seeing him, touching him, again.

“Shhh calm down Hannah, I’m right here,” He rubbed my back, soothingly, “Now, tell me have you been taking your iron supplements on time?” He pulled back and held me at arm’s length, looking at me from head to toe.

“Uhm…maybe?” I wiped my tears and smiled sheepishly.

He sighed, rubbing his hands on his face. He looked at me with concern, “Just because you might not be able to touch me or see me smile every day, it does not mean that I’m not here, I’m always watching you all, keeping an eye on my three bunnies. You need to be strong, for mom and Sean, you’re their pillar now, you can’t put your life on hold because there are two more lives you need to help move on.”

I felt a tinge of anger surfacing over the raw emotions, “But you were supposed to be there for us! Take care of us! You were supposed to see me graduate, attend Sean’s talent shows, bless my marriage…be there for us” And then came the thunderstorm of emotions pouring out my eyes, again. I felt like my heart was being stabbed by thousands of needles, everything was squeezing inside me, like my body couldn’t hold on to whatever was happening right now, and it was becoming hard to breathe due to my constant sobbing.

“I’m always here, honey, just be strong and take care of mom and Sean for me, will ya?” He didn’t wait for my reply. He started walking away from me, towards a light that was shining through the woods.

“Dad? Where are you going? Dad!” I was running after him by now, stumbling on rocks and roots. This is not happening, oh god please bring him back! This is too soon, I’m not ready. This is too soon.  

Suddenly, my foot got caught on something, and the next thing I know is that I’m falling in an endless pit of black nothingness. The blackness started consuming me, like it was inviting me to be a part of it, and there was no place for me in the light anymore. Fear and despair clouded my mind and left me with only one thought-What am I going to find at the end of this pit? I was so close to death, yet it didn’t feel like I was dying. I only felt cold and deaf, like the world had gone quiet and everyone was watching me fall into the oblivion, into the unknown.

My fall reminded me of Lucifer’s fall, endless and doomed.

I kept falling and falling…

“Dad!” I shrieked as I opened my eyes and closed them immediately, Ugh, where’s that freaking light coming from? Ow, my head hurts so bad, I thought as I slowly opened my eyes, now adjusting to my bright surroundings. What place is this? Seats, leather, steering wheel…

Ah, it’s my car… I was sleeping in my car? Well that explains my sore back. Wait, how did I get here? Did someone kidnap me? Why would someone kidnap me in my own car? Absurd thoughts were reeling through my mind when I noticed the empty bottle of vodka lying on the passenger seat. Well, that explains the pounding headache, not that it’s anything new. Vodka is my new girlfriend, and favorite past time. And I’m taking the relationship pretty seriously, considering the daily meetings in any cheap bar I could find. We’ve been meeting since my dad’s funeral, which was a month ago. Suddenly, the dream I just had came rushing back to me, how dad had said that he was still watching us and I’ve to be everyone’s pillar… and then he left-

“Hannah Rivera! Start explaining about your whereabouts right this instance young lady, or else you’re grounded for the rest of the month!” My mother shouted as she stomped towards my car. Oh dang, I guess I stayed the whole night in my car, I thought as I quickly hid the bottle in the glove compartment. I could see Sean and Alex following my mother, both looking equally furious. Okay great suddenly everyone cares about me now. Where were all of you earlier when I was drowning myself in alcohol every night?

I could feel anger flaring up within me as I stepped out of my car. Enough of this sympathetic bullshit, I know how to handle my life very well. I hate the sympathy everyone throws at me every time I enter a room. The way they look at me like I’m a lost puppy, like I need their help to even buy gum makes me hate my situation. I don’t need their help or pity to live my life, the only thing I want right now is my time and space to mourn my father. I thought Alex, my best friend, understood that, but turns out everyone is the same.“Mom, I told you I was out-” She cuts me off by snatching away my car keys out of my hands. Oh, no, no, no, this is so not happening. “What the hell? Mom, give me my keys back” I said in a quite but strong voice.

She turned away to go back inside the house, and that's when I couldn’t contain my anger anymore, and instantly regretted it. “Why the hell do you care now? Where were you when I needed you the most, huh? Woke up from your own world? Finally remembered that you have two kids to look after? Congratulations!” I was burning with anger, but it disappeared as soon as I saw a tear slide down her cheek. She quietly handed me my keys, turned around and went straight inside the house.

What had I done? Dad told me to be their pillar, their support and I’m being selfish. I suddenly remembered my dream; it was hard to breathe again. I need to get out of here.

I saw Alex coming towards me and Sean going inside to comfort mom, but I couldn’t face anyone right now. I felt like don’t deserve to have anyone. I deserve to be alone. I made her cry, I’m a horrible person…

Take care of mom and Sean for me, will ya?

Dad’s voice came rushing in my mind. Without thinking twice I got back in my car and drove away as fast as possible. I need to clear my head, get my shit straight and this time I will be their pillar. I will do what dad would’ve done right now.

I will teach my family how to live again.


The End

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