Kings and Queens

"Kings need Queens, but both fight for power over the other in this modern world... Can't believe the crazy days about to spring..."


2. The B's

(This story will follow my OCs Caboose and Claret)

Since the two joined forces they had came far from enemies to best friends. Brett and Brittany shared their personal nicknames, "Caboose" and "Clare". Months back Caboose as a joke would once and a while call, Clare, "Claret", which was a short joke name for something longer. Over these couple years they had gotten to know each other well and both foresee no tire to their company soon. Both also do things that normal friends won't do, much like being little sexy teases towards each other, as it started out as a joke and still remains that way, but the turn for it to be out of the heart is rising due to the slow romance levels which go up.

In a mission to break into the FBI building within their current city, Caboose holds the butt of his M16A1 to his shoulder tightly, staying quiet, as he pears through the holograph sight, from under his goggles, down the dark hallway, as very muffled tapping is heard from the terminal room, while Claret works on extracting files to a simple USB stick. She ejects the USB switch and pulls it from the PC, the gentle squeak from her foot wear indicate she's out of the room, Caboose still keeping his gun trained down the hallway, he keeps check for any witnesses, while Claret moves ahead quietly, peaking around corners to make sure she runs I to nobody, who would turn hostile to her. The muffled squeaks and taps of their military flight boots, echo not far off, as they make their way through the mazy building. Before turning a corner Claret, stops as a quiet patter of footsteps, which didn't belong to them, started to become noticeable, turning and grabbing Caboose by the collar startling him a bit, she drags him into the closest janitor closet and keeps the handle turned until she closes the door behind them, to muffle the click that would definitely be heard under the silence that deafened them. The footsteps thankfully never came close to the small room they lay quiet in.

Caboose takes this time to bring out his phone and messages an awaiting ally outside of the building to get them out of the general area. According to the reply, a silent alarm had been tricked, which made the FBI take the shuttle approach and attempt to catch anyone in the act, not that they would already be in trouble for trespassing over government property, wearing possibly illegally acquired military gear, and firearms.

Clare, kept listening to the door making sure nobody came by, assuming by now whoever made those footsteps were gone.

Caboose, remained on the phone messaging over a hacked app to message over streams of internet going through multiple IP Addresses to ensure the police won't catch onto their location. Gaining word that the plans are still in check, that they needed to go to the roof as loud and dumb as it is, was the only way to get out as they haven't mapped out the buildings' paths.

"So what's happening?" Clare, asks through a whisper.

"We still gotta go to the roof. So far the plan is the same just gotta avoid more" he answers to reassure her that all she's just gotta be more careful, which wasn't a problem, as far as he knew her.

She turned the handle to walk out that she did, as Caboose followed closely behind.

Eventually making it to the roof Caboose messages the helicopter for a pickup.

Clare keeps eye on the dark sky.

Distant flashing of Green, Red, and White, are seen as the chopper blades are quickly heard, eventually making it to the Helipad, where a door slides open and a rope is kicked out. Clare climbs up first and Caboose follows after.

A loud clank of metal is heard as swat rush out of the stairs and fire off at the helicopter.

Caboose quickly climbs up as the helicopter quickly starts moving. Once at the top instead of pulling up the ladder Caboose just cuts it off so it doesn't get caught on anything.

Clare pants, as her chest lowers and rises again, shutting the helicopter door.

"Geez... Calm your tits Claret..." Caboose jokingly speaks walking passed as he squeezes her behind quickly and let's go.

"Eerrrrrrrgh...." Clare swings a punch at Caboose as his palm catches her fist. "Give me a reason to not hit you in your sleep..."

"Eh... You can hit me in my sleep... I trust you won't though..." Caboose let's her fist go and goes to sit down on the helicopter bench...

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