Kings and Queens

"Kings need Queens, but both fight for power over the other in this modern world... Can't believe the crazy days about to spring..."


4. Spin the Bottle

Twenty minutes after the helicopter landing, everyone sits in the living area, listening to old music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Everyone sat in pairs side by side with their "genderbent" equivalent. Chaos and Carris sat together. Chuck and Chase. Caboose and Clare. Lastly came, RC "RampagingCanada"(male) and RC "Rampagin'Canadian"(Female).

Everyone had used everyone's nicknames, since they met, whenever they had to cover their legal names, with nicknames. Chaos's name was Kolin and was the best guy friend to Brett. Carris's name was Kaylan and best girl friend to Brittany. Chucks name was Jon, best friends with RC(Male). Chase's name was Jaz and best friends with RC(Female). Canada's name was, Aaron, and best friend with Jon.

In the group was a 9th individual who had a sexual and heartfelt thing for Clare, who was well aware about it. Going by the name, Jackie.

Everyone sat in a circle playing the classic game, Spin the Bottle. Some would hesitate to kiss, some went right through with it, whenever it was their turn.

Jackie had the turn to spin the glass bottle the young adults always used. Regardless of sexuality they made it a forced rule to play the game correctly which everybody did.

Jackie took her turn and spun the bottle around, as everybody watched the kid of it spin till it slowed down and eventually passed Caboose, onto Clare.

"Seriously!? Why is it always me!?" Clare yelled annoyed.

"C'mon we've all had to kiss, Jackie..." Caboose made his reply.

"It's always me though! By chance this damn bottle happens to fall on me most of the time whenever she spins it.!.!." Clare said clearly, as she adjusted her off shoulder pyjama top.

"Just make it fast... Geez... Get it over with and stop whining..." Jon said across from Clare.

"Fine.... Only one...a fast one...." Clare giving in to the rules.

Jackie gently crawled over to Clare, and pressed her lips against hers.

"Mmh...." Clare showed no interest in liking the kiss as it seemed to go on forever from her perspective.

Everyone watched the two girls kiss, listening to Clare make unhappy sounds.

"Mmmm... Mmph..." Clare soon tried to push off Jackie, by her shoulders, which was already way to long for her liking. Soon she tried to back up, scooting away slightly before Jackie followed her. Clare's hand slid and fell back kind of hitting her head slightly.

Jackie soon was in a make out session with Clare, who was fighting back to get her off, yet the tastes of Clare's mouth was to much for Jackie to just let go.

Everyone watched Jackie kiss Clare with her tongue, as they eventually choose to move on.

"Well, they're busy... Who's going next?"

"I will." Jaz says and gives the bottle a spin, as it stops on Jon. She leans over and kisses his lips warmly and sits straight again.

Jackie by now pulls off of Clare as a string of saliva connects them, till it finally breaks, and goes back to her spot.

Clare sits up panting heavily, and goes behind Caboose.

"All finished, Brit?" Caboose asks rubbing her naked leg gently trying to calm her down.

"I'm gonna go to bed..." Clare says and stands up to go to her room.

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